Ankita Gupta is a dance educator and performer based in India. She has over ten years of training in Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary and Heels dance. Teaching in Gurgaon and Delhi, she aims to build a culture of training consistently in an environment conducive to learning. Her goal is to have her students at level with standards set worldwide in the above mentioned dance forms, while staying true to the art and spreading the love that dance brings to each soul that steps into her classes.


The class starts with a 15 minute warm-up and goes into flexibility and strength-building through form-specific technical exercises and across the floor work which includes jumps, turns, kicks and weight transfers to build a strong foundation. Floorwork and elements like handstands, shoulder-stands and headstands are worked on. This is followed by a choreography taught over a period of eight classes. Variations are provided and the growth of each individual is her primary focus.


6.00 PM – 7.00 PM


3200/- for 8 classes

500/- for a dropin

To enrol, contact Ankita at +91-70426-62665 (tap to WhatsApp)


1)  Wear comfortable and stretchable clothing

2)  Carry a water bottle and a hand towel

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