Vayu Yoga is a unique aerial yoga practice that provides a complete mind and body experience. The word Vayu directly translates to wind or air in Sanskrit, and Vayu Yoga is also commonly known as “Flying Yoga” as it entails the practice of yoga asanas while being suspended in silken hammocks. Practitioners are unencumbered from the weight of their bodies and are able to completely relax, stretching their spine and every muscle of their body. Practicing inverted asanas in suspension also activates blood circulation.

This is a visionary yoga: free from gravity, we don’t feel the weight and stiffness of the body. We relieve our stress. We decompress the spine, the back, the neck, the joints, the pelvic area. We stretch effortlessly, realign our vertebrae, activate our blood circulation and stimulate our pineal and pituitary glands. By practicing inverted asanas in suspension, we feel our blood flowing all over our organs. We release our vital energy, our grace, our natural beauty. This form of yoga is a prop for deeper practice.


Aacharya Suresh Dutt Sharma belongs to a purohit lineage, those who lead a rigorous vedic lifestyle. Since his childhood he has followed the same pattern as his predecessors. During his early teens he lost his father and that was a huge turning point for him, which persuaded him to take refuge at Uttarkashi Tapowan in the Himalayas. He travelled to numerous place such as Sivananda Math (Rishikesh), Himalayan Institute of Yoga (Dehradun), Bihar School of Yoga (Munger), Kaivalya Dham (Lonavala), Osho Ashram (Maharashtra), Yog Vedant Ashram Sivananda (South India) and many more.

It has been more than twenty years since he first started practicing and teaching yoga. He is a Reiki healer as well as a Panchakarma specialist, and his speciality is a blend of traditional and modern forms of Yog. He also performs vedic pujas and yagya as a part of his daily routine. Acharya Suresh has trained many corporate clients in Delhi, including the United Nations, Nokia, Fusion, Valvoline, Tech Mahindra and Penguin.



9.30 AM – 11.00 AM
11.00 AM – 12.30 PM


1 month
Rs 4,800

3 months
Rs 12,800

Rs 800

Private session
Rs 2,500

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1)  Purchases are NON-EXTENDABLE / NON-REFUNDABLE / NON-TRANSFERABLE. Please see our policies page.

2)  Please see our rigging safety notes. We permit unlimited self-practice for students with monthlies who are cleared for safety by the teacher. This is during open hours and when the flooring is not being used for a class.

3)  Aerial yoga attire is long leggings and a comfortable, tight-fitting t-shirt. Knees, midriff and underarms covered. No zippers, jewellery or other things which can damage the silks. Nails trimmed, hair tied.

4)  If you have any cuts, wounds or blisters please wait for them to heal before taking a class.

5)  Private session charges are for up to two participants; each additional participant pays the regular dropin fee.


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