Parkour is the art of navigating effortlessly through obstacles. The aim is to get from one point to another in the most efficient manner. It is practised predominantly in an urban environment, providing a number of obstacles for a practitioner at almost any location.

At Delhi Rock we’ll break down Parkour into:

– Flexibility and balance

– Jumps (take offs and landings)

– Strength building and conditioning

– Obstacle assessment and navigation

Students will be taught to navigate through obstacles using moves like the wall-up, tic tac, the different variations of kongs, shoulder rolls, etc.

Practising Parkour enhances one’s agility, strength and the ability to make quick decisions while on the move. It takes some time to learn, but with regular training and conditioning – the world is our playground.

Since Parkour is intensely technical and physical, about 50% of the class will be focused on fitness and conditioning. So participants will get stronger and more flexible as they go, and be safely guided as they attempt more and more complex parkour moves.

Training safely is extremely important since the only equipment in Parkour is one’s own body. Students will be taught to assess obstacles, the environment and the moves they attempt in order to minimise the risk of injury. That being said, just as in any other sport like basketball or martial arts like Karate, minor scrapes and bruises are inevitable.

A note about the philosophy of parkour:

Parkour frees our mind from issues we face in daily life. These days there’s so much strife thanks to politics. But all of us who practice parkour here, we come from different religions, different social backgrounds. You can say [parkour] is our religion.

Even in an abandoned parking lot, we see opportunity – of being creative, of expressing ourselves through movement, experiencing freedom. You learn to respect your surroundings. In a way, it is life changing. And after a point you’re no longer competing with other people. You’re only competing with yourself, to see how you can do better.

– Mujahid Habib, cofounder of Velocitafit


Uzair is an accomplished parkour practitioner, who was national champion in Parkour League India 2018. He began his practice in 2010, and has been teaching for five years. He’s also a professional accountant, who graduated from Delhi University, and did his master’s degree at Jamia Millia Islamia.

Uzair has cofounded several parkour organisations in Delhi, such as Delhi Parkour and Velocitafit, and is regarded as a leader in the community. He’s also worked in movies, documentaries, television ads and live performances associated with brands like Adidas, Limca, Reebok and Red Bull.

Uzair is a diligent and careful teacher, and has demonstrated an excellent ability to take students safely on their learning journey in parkour! Do please get started learning with him at the centre!


7.15 PM – 8.45 PM

11.00 AM – 12.30 PM


Rs 500

Monthly (two classes per week)
Rs 3,000

Monthly (all classes)
Rs 4,000

3 months (two classes per week)
Rs 7,500

3 months (all classes)
Rs 9,800

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1)  Your monthly is valid for one or three or six months from your first session and is non-extendable and non-transferable. Please read our passes policy page carefully, this lays out all the rules which apply!

2)  Ages 7+. We run a separate section for adults, kids are accommodated with their own group and instructor. For younger children, please contact us to set up a private session.

3)  If you are more than 10 minutes late for a class, you are not allowed to take it. This is for safety; warmups are important.

4)  Attire is comfortable athletic clothing which permits arm and leg articulation. Sports shoes are a must. No zippers, jewellery or other things which can create injury. Nails must be trimmed close on hands and feet.

5)  Please bring a water bottle for hydration. Each session is 90 minutes or more, so you should have eaten 1.5 to 2 hours earlier to have adequate energy for a good session.

6)  If you have any cuts, wounds or blisters please wait for them to heal before taking a class.

7)  We are observing some simple but strict rules to ensure safety during the pandemic. Please see our COVID PRECAUTIONS webpage for our measures, and cooperate in helping us run classes safely.

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