Parkour is the art of navigating effortlessly through obstacles. The aim is to get from one point to another in the most efficient manner. It is practised predominantly in an urban environment, providing a number of obstacles for a practitioner at almost any location.

At Delhi Rock we’ll break down Parkour into:

– Flexibility and balance

– Jumps (take offs and landings)

– Strength building and conditioning

– Obstacle assessment and navigation

Students will be taught to navigate through obstacles using moves like the wall-up, tic tac, the different variations of kongs, shoulder rolls, etc.

Practising Parkour enhances one’s agility, strength and the ability to make quick decisions while on the move. It takes some time to learn, but with regular training and conditioning – the world is our playground.

Since Parkour is intensely technical and physical, about 50% of the class will be focused on fitness and conditioning. So participants will get stronger and more flexible as they go, and be safely guided as they attempt more and more complex parkour moves.

Training safely is extremely important since the only equipment in Parkour is one’s own body. Students will be taught to assess obstacles, the environment and the moves they attempt in order to minimise the risk of injury. That being said, just as in any other sport like basketball or art like Karate, minor scrapes and bruises are inevitable.

We also anticipate doing a regular frequency of outdoor days, where participants will be able to practice their skills on new obstacles and terrains. Hopefully these will extend into parkour trips to  wonderful outdoor locations, seeding a great community of parkour enthusiasts based in Delhi.


Abhishek has been practising and teaching parkour for six years. He is trained in karate (Okinawa Goju Ryu) and has learned yoga from Kaivalyadham in Mumbai.

He built a community of Parkour enthusiasts in Delhi and has been featured in ads and videos built around brilliant Parkour moves. He’s been written up by Red Bull, Men’s Health, Hindustan Times, and others!

If you’ve been looking for a completely different way to approach your body and our urban environment, in Abhishek you’ll find the perfect person to learn from! For more about him, check out:

YouTube, Instagram & Twitter: @highway247


SAT & SUN 10.30 AM – 12.00 PM


Dropin fee
Rs 600

Rs 3,600

10 passes
Rs 4,800

Private session
Rs 2,100

For private sessions, please email us at to check for availability.

Prices include 18% GST. We accept cash at the gym, or you can pay us online.


1) Your 10-pass is valid for 10 weeks from the date of purchase. They’re non-extendable, non-refundable and non-transferable.

2) Please inform us if you’re under 14 years of age. The class age section is ages 14+

3) If you are more than 10 minutes late for a class, you are not allowed to take it. This is for safety; warmups are important.

4) Attire is comfortable athletic clothing which permits arm and leg articulation. Sports shoes are a must. No zippers, jewellery or other things which can create injury. Nails must be trimmed close on hands and feet.

5) Please bring a water bottle for hydration. Each session is 90 minutes or more, so you should have eaten 1.5 to 2 hours earlier to have adequate energy for a good session.

6) If you have any cuts, wounds or blisters please wait for them to heal before taking a class.

TELLL 011-46588444 | MO 9818440969 (see hours of operation)
ADDPremises Nanaksar Gurudwara, opp res M-39, GK2 (see detailed directions)

87 thoughts on “PARKOUR

  1. Commendable job by Anurag and his team,which puts even th e IMF into shame,who squeeze tons of govt grants for money spent by the coterie.
    Parkour is another feather in the cap of Delhi Rock.But incidentally why you term it as a country game.It is another name of Bouldering?
    Last month I had gone to Kila raipur(Ludhiana) to attend the Rural games,organised by an NGO (Grewal sports Society)for over 100 years.But with ban on cattle races,much of the fun has been cut.Wonder if the Delhi Rock could help in suggesting some events in the Rural Games,as the rural folks love to participate in games of strength and agility.The Delhi Tourism has also started Intl Kite Flying festival and now rural games like stappu,lattoo,kanche and tug of war.
    grat work Avinash and th team.

  2. Thank you Capt Puri! So Parkour is a street sport which is not connected to climbing. Bouldering is something else altogether!

    Hmm… We’d love to be a part of suggesting activities for Rural Games, that sounds brilliant! Do let us know how we can help!

  3. Hello i want to join parkour but i am already 21 and never been into gym so not so fit. Can i join it now or should i hit gym first .

  4. Your age is not a problem; and the class includes a lot of conditioning. The best thing to do is to come in and try a class, talk to Abhi, and see how it goes!

  5. Unfortunately that’s too young! They can try climbing for kids though, if they like that, they could join our regular kids classes.

  6. Great, details on the class are above. You’re welcome to come by on Saturday at 11.15 AM to do a dropin (Rs 500) and see if you’d like to join the class regularly.

  7. I actually need to a learn a very specific trick concerned with parkour for a performance.Can I just take one or two classes for that?

  8. Hello,

    I’m 24 years old now and not very flexible, or fit for that matter. However, I am interested in Parkour as I have been informed that it increases focus, physical fitness and overall flexibility, along with being an exhilarating activity. Is there a minimum flexibility or fitness requirement to try it out? Very interested to know.



  9. Hi Parth – great question. So yes, there is an important element of flexibility in parkour, both to avoid injury and to be able to do some of the basic moves. Agility and flexibility are super important.

    Do pop in on a Saturday or Sunday morning and try the class – 11.30 am at Delhi Rock, 500 rs drop-in fee.


  10. the parkour program you offer has classes only on saturday and sunday but i would like something regularly during the weekdays
    cause im not free during weekends.

  11. We are considering adding a morning section during the week! I’ll just add your email to our list of interested folks for weekday morning classes.


  12. Hi! I am interested in joining the classes but I’m rather skinny and I’m afraid that I wouldn’t be able to do it well. I’d like to come nevertheless. Also, is it possible for you to schedule the weekday morning classes a little earlier? My college starts at 9 and weekends for me are not possible. Thanks!

  13. I am in medical profession which doesn’t allow me to do on fixed days…can I get flexible timings as I am very much interested in your programme and need to get trained in Parkour provided no experience in it before…pls reply

  14. Is this near metro station hauz khas? I am interested in parkour from my childhood… Can you share your mobile no.?

  15. Hi Shivani,

    Parkour is about timing and skill, not muscle mass, so low BMI shouldn’t be a deterrent.

    Unfortunately our weekday classes are tuned for office-going folks’ needs, and starting earlier won’t be possible, so sorry! Is there any chance you can work around our schedule a bit? We’d love to have you join us!

  16. Hi!
    I was going through your website. It has got me intrigued. Is Parkour good for people who arent very physically active?


  17. Hi Harpriya,

    The class has a lot of physical conditioning as well, so you might want to make and take a dropin and see if it suits you. That said, Parkour is definitely an extreme sport, so if you’re not very active, there is a good chance you’ll find it very intimidating and not be very enthused. Do please check out our Parkour videos on Instagram (@delhirock) and see if it appeals to you! If yes, come in for a dropin.

  18. Can you give me the address.My son is interested in private session.can you tell me the details of all the session. You can conctact me at +91 9785334302 for giving details

  19. Hi, I want to learn parkour but I’m 24 years old. Also, if I can join your classes will that also teach me things like flips and stuff. Thank you for your reply.

  20. Yes, great! Your age is perfect. Parkour is mostly about efficient movement, kongs, things like that. For details on what’s taught, please read the content above carefully!


  21. Hi,
    I understand from the details above that the monthly classes would have 8 sessions spread out over the weekends. I travel frequently for work. So If I take up the monthly class and by chance I have to miss any of the weekend sessions (one day or both) is it possible to re-schedule and still finish all the 8 sessions in the following weekends (spilling from more than a month). Or are the missed sessions are lost?
    Please confirm, thanks

  22. Hi Aditi,

    Yes, if you inform us in advance about your travel, we will adjust your monthly so that you can make the classes!


  23. Hi, I am 30 and also am overweight and have limited flexibility, I want to start learning Parkour, majorly to improve balance, mobility and coordination. Will it be safe for me to start now.
    Also do you have levels of progression for students to follow like there are belts in martial arts.
    Thirdly I also know a bit more about your instructor/s where can I find the informatio.

  24. Hi Debashish,

    We wouldn’t recommend parkour for you at this stage; it requires a lot of flexibility, agility and balance, and you should be reasonably fit before you try it.

    There are no belts in parkour, it’s really a street form, so there are no official parkour certifications out there yet. But lots of safety technique practitioners follow, and we teach.

    Yes, we do a lot of progressions to get students safely to learn parkour. You can see a bit of Abhi’s teaching technique on our Insta (@delhirock), there’s an incredible B&W video of a student you should see.

    Yes, you’re welcome to read more about our program at, Abhi’s bio is on the page as well,


  25. Hi, I am a true fan of parkour and sometime I do outdoor environmental training with my friends. What all equipments do you have specially to do vaults. Thinking of coming to your place to practice parkour, can’t come on every saturday, sunday and I work in BPO and doesn’t have a fixed weekly off’s. However can come to practice whenever get an off on Saturday Sunday, will pay the Dropin fee

  26. Hi Swapnil,

    We don’t have unsupervised parkour practice times at Delhi Rock, but maybe what you can do is attend a few of our regular classes first, get to know our teacher, and then he and you can work something out?

    Once our teacher says that you can practice alone at Delhi Rock, we’re happy to accommodate you. Class timings are Sat and Sun 10 am.


  27. Hi

    I am 27 and an adventure enthusiast. i do trekking a lot but not flexible enough.

    Parkour seems very attractive to me.

    Want to know the batch strength you allow and number of trainers ??

  28. The batch is currently less than ten people, we have a single person teaching parkour. There is availability for you to join,


  29. Hey there… I am much intrested in freerunning and parkour … But i dnt know how to get there ..

  30. Hi, I Was Watching Couple OF Videos Of Parkour On YouTube And I Was Very Fascinated From Those Videos. I Am Interested In Joining But I Want To Know Would You Just Teach The Moves Or Tell Us How To Climb Walls, Building, Apartments And Probably Show Us Demo.

  31. Ok. We do go outdoors as well. Please see our Insta profile (@delhirock), we’ve posted a few parkour videos outdoors on there as well.


  32. Hi DelhiRock,

    I’m 24 years of age and I’m very much interested in Parkour. I am very active and have an athletic body.
    I’d just like to know what sort of things are done if I drop in for a class on a weekend?

  33. Hi Anmol,

    The material covered in the class is described at,


  34. Hmm I am 14 yrs old and I was inspired to parkour. Y watcHing some YouTube’s getting escaped by security and guards I don’t wanna do any thing wrong my what I learn .I wanna do parkour to show my friends XD never Mind can I get a reply what can I do .I wanna see where the classes are held . location actually.k bye

  35. Iam 32 years old and do not go to gym or anything. I am 5 feet 7 inches tall approx. and weigh 79 kgs. Would you still recommend me taking parkour lessons?

  36. Unfortunately with that extra weight, you will have a hard time participating in parkour, which is an extreme sport.

    Still, physically active people can handle their own weight safely, so it is really your call to make. You might also want to come in one day after class (12 noon on Sat or Sun) to talk to the teacher and see what they recommend after talking to you.


  37. HI

    Is parkour help in sports my son is 16 year old he play football though he is interested in learning flip does this exercise include that or can you suggest something.


  38. Yes, parkour will help him with reflexes and conditioning. You can have him try a class, the dropin fee is Rs 500, or for a month, monthly fee is Rs 3000, and see if it is beneficial.


  39. Hi i am intrested in learning parkour but i am not so fit can i learn parkour i am 18 and intrested in private sessions

  40. I want to learn parkour not only for showing to anyone but to take our country to being inspire for there physc I want your contact no..

  41. So sorry, we only have parkour group classes during the weekends. If you wanted to take a private, or maybe ask folks on our group if they’d like midweek sessions, what we can do is add you to our WhatsApp group, and perhaps a few people can share the cost of weekday privates.

    A private is Rs 1800 for up to three people, Rs 600 for each additional participant.

  42. Yes, our parkour teacher can offer you progressions to suit your fitness. If you enjoy the practice, it will motivate you to get fitter. A private session might be a good way to get started with this,


  43. Sure thing. We are just doing a trial run of a class for kids, and if that goes well, will notify you,


  44. Hi, I am nearing 40 in couple of months but I look fit and have good flexibility though not strength. Can I still learn Parkour

  45. I am going to be 25. And I am very much interested in parlour as I want to reveal my physical strength fully. I have done Mma but I am week in jumps. My height is 5feet6inchand weight 68kg. But I have stamina and strength as I have been through boxing , judo nd kick boxing. Can I still learn parkour ??

  46. Yes, absolutely. Your BMI is a bit higher than average, but you can still learn parkour concepts, and train with us. Do please dropin on a Saturday or Sunday at 10 am, you can take a single class (Rs 500) and decide if you wish to continue with us or not. Abhishek is a good teacher.

  47. Yes, absolutely. We teach indoors with crashpads, progressively, so you can learn safely with us as a complete novice. Do please dropin on a Saturday or Sunday at 10 am to take a class and decide for yourself, dropins are Rs 500. Abhishek is a good teacher.

  48. Hi,
    I’m very much interested in learning parkour for so long. My body is fit and flexible enough and i do workout regularly. I want to join you guys no need of dropin. When can i come and which is the nearest metro?


  49. Great. Our classes are Sat and Sun at 8 AM, you’re most welcome to start this weekend if you’d like, monthly fees are Rs 3000.

    The nearest metro is the Magenta line, Greater Kailash station, and then it’s about a 7-8 minute walk.


  50. Yes, that is correct. You can also purchase a monthly, or passes, pricing at


  51. Yes, absolutely. We don’t teach flips right away though, those come much later. Parkour is a street form, not gymnastics. If you want to learn flips specifically, getting a gymnastics coach or class would be a better idea.

  52. The teacher does some of those, but not flips, those are not really parkour moves,


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