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Safety First

Safety is our primary responsibility at Delhi Rock; we have a WhatsApp community to disseminate useful information on accidents and incidents. These have the most to teach us about gaps in safety, so using them to learn and improve is key. The Safety First group in the Delhi Rock WhatsApp community is the place to …


Safety Basics for Climbing

SAFETY BASICS FOR CLIMBING This is an excerpt of what we teach during our Climbing 101 class – for details on the class please see TOP ROPE 1)  We only permit the B.U.S. belay (brake under slide) method. Do a YouTube search if this is unfamiliar to you. 2)  We only permit belay devices …


Aerial Self Practice

Hi everybody! If you’re new to aerial silks or aerial yoga, you’ll want to get started with our regular classes first, since you need expert guidance to start your journey. Details are here: AERIAL SILKS AERIAL YOGA Experienced aerialists can WhatsApp their performance videos to us in order to get cleared for self-practice (see contact …