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TEL+91-11-46588444. Office hours are 3-9 pm every day.
ADDDelhi Rock, premises Nanaksar Gurudwara, opp res M-39 in GK2 (google maps)

Our hours of operation are posted online. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay in touch with our events and programs. We do host events like birthday parties and corporate groups at Delhi Rock.

Detailed directions to Delhi Rock:

1. Enter GK2 via the Savitri cinema road

2. First left onto Gurudwara road

3. Straight past the white marble Gurudwara

4. Straight thru traffic light

5. Straight past Queen’s Court and Arya Samaj mandir

6. Left into Gurudwara Nanaksar compound’s black gates

The Gurudwara is opposite res. M-39 (google maps). We don’t have outside signage, so please look for “Gymboree” signs on the street-facing wall on your left, we are in the basement directly underneath them.

Note that Google Maps will correctly guide you to the Gurudwara we are located in. Once there, enter the large metal black gates into the Gurudwara’s compound. It’s a large compound, and we’re all the way at the back.

You’ll see a red sign for Delhi Rock at the back. We’re in the basement of that building. To enter Delhi Rock, you’ll take the entry staircase behind the sign and go to the basement.

24 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Hi,

    I’d like to book a private session for my wife & I on the 25th of Sept (Sunday). Could you let us know about available slots & costs on that day? Since we’re coming in from Gurgaon, we’d prefer a mid-day slot over the early or late sessions.

    We’re both reasonably active, but are total novices to climbing, and would like to try it out at least once.

    Thanks very much,


  2. Hello,

    I would like to organise a birthday party on saturday 24th of September .
    It is for my daughter,she is 7 years old and there Will be 10 children .
    Can i have some informations on the organisation and the price?
    Thank you

  3. Hi Gowtham,

    We have helped organise things, and also put our teachers in touch with organisers. Could you please email your requirements, and some information about your fest, to

  4. Want to teach my students of school aerial dances. We are outside Delhi can our dance teachers be trained and can you set aerial equipments for us or give us team. can you quote cost.
    we have 1500 students

  5. Hello Dr Gupta,

    We don’t have aerial silks teacher training unfortunately. We are happy to have you talk to Dasha though, our aerial teacher, see if something can be worked out. Could you please email us at, with a few more details about your teachers, where you’re located, and what your timelines are? We’ll try and see what we can do.

  6. Hi for the parkour course can’t do Sunday…. So is one day better than not doing any or two days a week a must .
    If so can the 2nd day in the week happen as a customised day and time and thus what shall the charges be

  7. We’re not doing private sessions at the moment for Parkour, so do please stay tuned – if the class fills up, we’ll add a weekday section! Do please keep an eye on the page for more details…

    One day a week might not be enough, but the best thing to do is to come in and see Abhishek tomorrow (Saturday), take a dropin, and get his advice on whether you can do some home practice as well.

  8. Hi , I would like to know more details on Tattva yoga including frequency, duration & how much would it cost?

  9. Hi Delhi Rock, my 8 years young daughter is interested in learning Hula Hoop dancing. Let me know current batches and timings. Any special batches for summer vacations.

  10. Hi.. I am interested in climbing training in weekends morning hours. Please let me know if this can be done.

  11. Hi Rajat,

    One expensive way to go about it is arranging your own private sessions every weekend. These run Rs 1800 per, and you can also share with up to two other people. Let us know!

  12. Hi Kana,

    The aerial class has an email notification group, via email. Can we put you on it please?


  13. Hello,

    Would like to know if there is any session happening in coming days? Would like to attend.


  14. Hi Bharti,

    We keep posting workshops to our homepage, and our regular programming is also accessible either via the hamburger menu or top tabs!

  15. This is Bhavin here, I want to celebrate my sons birthday on Saturday 26th August. The average age shall be 10 plus. Number of kids we are expecting shall be 12-15. Please confirm how we can proceed

  16. Ok, great! That’s a Saturday, so we’ll need to schedule it from 12 – 2, or a bit earlier, if that works for you. You’re welcome to either confirm a time with us, and proceed to pay the registration deposit of Rs 3500 at, or come by and see the facility and meet one of us, from 3 pm to 7 pm weekdays. Fees are Rs 500 per child, as described at


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