Back + shoulder range of motion / stretching series 4

Saturday 16th December
11.30 AM – 1.30 PM
Rs 700

This Saturday we’ll be focusing on back and shoulders flexibility and range of motion. Working on active and passive flexibility will prepare your body for strong and safe back bending.

Nice and simple with lots of warm up. If you want to learn how to improve your flexibility, this is a good place to learn.

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Ira Trivedi / Namami Yoga / Lodi / Series 7 & 8

Sunday December 10th & 17th
9.00 – 10.00 AM
Lodi Gardens
Free of charge

Ira Trivedi is a well know yoga practitioner and teacher, and covers yoga for television and print. Her latest book on yoga, “The 10 Minute Yoga Solution” by Harper Collins is just out.

Ira is doing a series of free yoga sessions in the park, with this seventh one on the 10th at Lodi Gardens at 9.00 AM, and the eighth on the 17th, same time and place. Please do come out and join her for this public celebration of yoga!

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The Outdoor Program: Romp, 3rd Ed!

The Romp is an annual climbing festival now in its third year. Bangalore Climbing Initiatives organises this, and it’s invitation only – so folks coming from Delhi, please work with us to register for this, transport and availability are limited.

This year’s Ramanagara Romp is on Dec 16 and 17. The format will be somewhat similar as the previous editions. As many climbs as possible by teams of two in a 24 hour period spread over two days.

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Acroyoga Elemental Immersion / Haein Cho / Marc Bauchet

Courtesy post for our friends from Moving Yogis, for their upcoming workshop in Goa. We are helping organise a group from Delhi as well, so email us if interested!

This first Immersion in the legendary acro community of Arambol, Goa will be hosted by Love Temple, Goa! Expect to dive in the full spectrum of AcroYoga… the safe & powerful fun of acrobatics in partnership (solar) will be balanced by the healing arts of Thai-Yoga massage and therapeutic flying (lunar).

All levels will benefit, BEGINNERS WELCOME too!

We will follow our passion for healing arts and playful connection to guide you through the 30-hours Elemental curriculum:

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Aerial Lyra / Hoop Workshop / Series 11

Saturday December 9th
11.30 AM – 5.00 PM
Rs 1,000

This series of workshops is an introduction to aerial hoop (lyra). In these classes you’ll be introduced to the basic moves on the aerial hoop, and we’ll also learn conditioning exercises that prepare the body for aerial training and develop the required strength and range of motion for future practice.

We begin with a 30 min session with techniques across the aerial disciplines to hone in on your strength and flexibility. They’re designed to not only complement your skills and movement on the apparatus, but also your overall fitness on the ground. We then move onto the hoop, learning a variety of poses and postures.

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Vinyasa Flow with Aurore Masson

Thursday November 23rd
8.00 – 9.00 PM

Aurore Masson is a yoga teacher new to Delhi, and we asked her to do a trial class with us, our climbers and other athletes, and see if we could work out a yoga programme together.

This is free, she’s happy to teach a class to our community to introduce her teaching style to us, so if you fancy climbing for an hour or two and then winding down your session with an hour of Vinyasa, do drop in! Friends and guests are also welcome.

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Aerial Silks Winter Showcase

Sunday November 26th
6.00 pm – 7.30 pm
Free entrance

If you’ve come to our shows in years past, do please head back in for the 2017 winter edition! Our students continue to get stronger, and a show is really the perfect way to experience the beauty, drama and rigour of aerial silks.

Please tell your family and friends about our show. We love showing our community what our aerialists have been up to throughout the year, celebrate their and our teacher Dasha’s wonderful hard work.

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Contact Improv / Leah Curtis

Contact Improvisation Workshop
Sunday November 19th
6.30 – 8.30 PM
Rs 800

Come and explore contact improvisation through a guided workshop led by Leah Raphael Curtis, director of Delhi Dance Theater and accompanied by live music.

This is a unique opportunity to explore listening and responding with your body. Participants will use physical contact to explore movement improvisation.

This workshop is open to all who want to get moving and experience something unique. If you have any kind of physical practice be it yoga, climbing, any form of dance or martial arts or just been wanting to dance this is the place to jump in.

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Aerial Lyra / Hoop Workshop / Series 10

Saturday November 18th
11.30 AM – 1.30 PM
Rs 1,000

Excited to do series 10! Have quite a few people doing hoop with us now, some nice routines. So we’re going to continue. As before, this 11.30 section is for first-timers who’ve not done hoop before.

There is additionally a 3 pm section for folks who’ve attended at least 3 past workshops or aerial classes with Dasha, and are working on tricks. So please specify the time slot below!

The aerial lyra / hoop is a dynamic apparatus, a circular steel ring that provides the perfect frame for your acrobatic moves. It is a great platform for fluid movements, transitions and seamless sequences, especially when spinning!

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