Welcome to Delhi Rock, Kyogi Wellness

Kyogi Wellness is bringing their yoga program to Delhi Rock starting this week, weekday evenings and Sunday mornings. If you’re looking for an athletic and intense yoga style, this might be perfect for you.

Varuna Shunglu has been teaching yoga for eight years, and is a highly accomplished teacher and yogi. She has an athletics and sports background (and used to practice law at the Delhi High Court!), so Kyogi is a complete yogic regimen, with equal parts of strength, flexibility, balance and breath.

For more about Kyogi and our teachers Varuna and Nikita, please visit delhirock.com/kyogi. Starting Tuesday, July 5th!

IYD at Lodi Gardens

Hello folks!

Come celebrate International Yoga Day with us at Lodi. Because the 21st is a Tuesday this year, we’re celebrating on the following Sunday, with a morning yoga practice with our favourite yoga teachers.

This year, we’re partnering with Kyogiwellness, so thank you Kyogiwellness for turning up and taking class!

We’ll assemble at 7.30 AM Sunday June 26th at Gate #1 of Lodi Gardens, near the Lodi restaurant, and walk in and find a nice spot to practice. Please bring a yoga mat and a water bottle, be suitably attired.

Please feel free to invite other friends and family members to this. No fees, just show up.

Circus arts with Zorybel

Saturday 18th June 3.00-4.30 pm: Adults section
Sunday 19th June 3.00-4.30 pm: Kids section
Rs 1,000 per person


This workshop is open for all levels of aerial artists who are seeking to develop their knowledge of the rope. This class will provide students with a comprehensive training program to open the expressive possibilities of the rope and develop the specific strength and techniques required for moving fluidly and effortlessly from one trick to the next. The goal of the workshop is to share, create figures/tricks, and develop your own personal style. Some rope tricks that you will learn can also be applied to silks/tissu.

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Please welcome Abhijeet!

We’re very proud announce that we’re starting a mountaineering fitness program with Abhijeet Singh. Abhijeet is one of the best alpinists in the country, and is a nature photographer who has combined his passions for fitness, the outdoors and photography in a unique way.

Abhijeet is starting a thrice weekly program at Delhi Rock called Mountain Strong. This class is geared towards people who want to train indoors for epic things outdoors! Abhijeet and Delhi Rock are also working on putting together technical mountaineering trips to add technique to this conditioning foundation.

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JENNIFER HÖSSLER: Acro / handstands / inversions workshop

Apr 30, 11.30 am – 1.30 pm
Rs 1,000

Jenny is back in Delhi for a day and doing a follow-on to her earlier acro workshops at DR, this time with a focus on handstands and inversions. Whether you’re an experienced acroyogi, jamming at Lodi gardens, or new to the form, do attend this if you can, Jenny’s great. Read on for details and registration.

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