YOGARAMBHA (Vinyasa Method)

Vinyasa is the principle of synchronising movement with breath, while krama translates to steps or stages. Devised by the father of modern yoga, Sri Krishnamacharya, traditional Vinyasa Krama is the breath priority method of practicing postures.

The YOGARAMBHA method amalgamates traditional breath priority movements with effective practices of modern techniques such as primal movements, spinal movements, joint conditioning and bodywork, which are best suited for a modern lifestyle that requires 8-10 hours of active seating.

Yogarambha compensates for this lack of movement, simultaneously reconditioning breath and the nervous system to a more natural and relaxed pattern. With a well-calibrated combination of asana, pranayama, mudra, bandha and mantra in conjunction with other limbs of Patanjali Ashtanga yoga, Yogarambha is both challenging and meditative in its core.

YOGARAMBHA (Strength + Safety + Selfcare)

The Yogarambha program consists of:

Spinal movements to improve mobility and stability in the spine for proper breath and body connection, which will help in developing deep core muscle conditioning and muscular isolation calibrating breath and bandhas.

Primal movements essential to all activities, to prevent joint pain and postural degradation through the right movement pattern.

An easy to follow program incorporating asanas, pranayama and bodywork for a pain-free body and optimum health.


Devesh Narwal is a yoga mentor and bodywork therapist with 4,000+ hours of teaching experience. He trained under Srivatsa Ramaswami of the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram tradition in Vinyasa Yoga, a perfect blend of traditional yogic techniques and modern exercise physiology. Being a leading teacher of Yogarambha, Devesh’s style of teaching incorporates facets of fitness, yoga, movement and breathing techniques to increase functional fitness and mobility.

Devesh forms an instant connection with students of diverse temperaments and his positive outlook in life helps them find their space and practice, both on and off the mat. He has explored body mechanics and different body systems while studying the Personal Training Course of the American Council on Exercise, Thai Massage, Traditional Tok Sen Therapy, and becoming a certified Yoga Bodywork Therapist.

Apart from Yoga and therapy, Devesh has also completed an intensive training program Level I of Wing Chun and Rapid Assault Tactics under Shifu Kanishka Combatives and Progressive Fighting Systems India.



10.30 AM – 11.45 AM


Rs 500

8 class pass
Rs 2,500

12 class pass
Rs 3,500 3,000*

*Special introductory offer for September

THIS CLASS IS ONLY AVAILABLE VIA ONLINE BOOKING. Please click on one of the payment links above; we will respond in email to confirm your class schedule. Prices include applicable taxes.


1) Your passes are valid for 4 consecutive weeks. They’re non-extendable, non-refundable and non-transferable.

2) Please bring your own yoga mat. This is important for hygiene, and is an essential part of your practice, to take with and keep at home.

3) If you are more than 10 minutes late for a class, you are not allowed to take it. This will count towards your passes. This is for safety; warmups are important.

4) Yoga attire is long leggings and a comfortable, tight-fitting t-shirt. No zippers, jewellery or other things which can cause discomfort.

5) Please bring a water bottle for hydration. Each session is 75 minutes or more, so you should have eaten 1.5 to 2 hours earlier to have adequate energy for a good session.

6) If you have any cuts, wounds or blisters please wait for them to heal before taking a class.

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