Finally some good news from the government on gyms – the latest DDMA bulletin allows gyms to reopen as of Monday June 28th!

We have updated our schedule and procedures; just one significant update — for now, we are asking that all 18+ students only attend if they’ve been vaccinated. With the recent Covid nightmare, we would like to maintain an extra layer of defence at the centre, and will revise this outlook based on the situation in Delhi.

This is the Covid-19 form we will ask all 18+ attendees to sign, please read it carefully, and only attend if you’ve been vaccinated (at least one jab):

If you’re a parent, please note that this applies to any adults attending with the child. Children are otherwise allowed to attend classes like before, but with a mask and regular sanitising of hands.

For a view into our general Covid safety procedures, please see the link below, we will continue to maintain this standard as we always have:

There is also a 50% capacity limit requirement for gyms. We’ve computed our maximum class sizes pre-covid, and have set the following limits (which are 50% or less of what our earlier max capacity would have been):

Aerial silks: 8

Aerial yoga: 6

Climbing: 18

Krav Maga: 18

Parkour: 18

Thank you and see you soon at Delhi Rock!