Series over 27-29 Oct
Lodi / Delhi Rock / House of Kapaali
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TriYoga fundamentals include relaxation-in-action, wave-like spinal movements and economy of motion. The asanas are interconnected by efficient, effortless movements which allow energy to flow more freely within the body and mind while sustaining the posture. A meditative dance emerges, in which each movement has a clear beginning and end, while it also maintains its anatomic and energetic alignment.

The sequences gradually build upon each other. With a regular practice, power and flexibility develop organically. The wave-like movements of the spine strengthen the core muscles and tone the pelvic floor. When the core is strengthened the entire body gets supported, and as a result, more ease and flow emerge in posture and movement.

TriYoga is gentle and very strengthening at the same time. The spine gets revived from the deep connection to the breath, and like a dolphin, the body’s flowing movements help it to regain its original joy and strength.


Vandana Roeger will be delivering three sessions in this series:

1) A free introductory workshop at Lodi gardens on Friday the 27th of October

2) A three hour intensive at Delhi Rock on Saturday the 28th of October

3) A three hour intensive hosted by House Of Kapaali at their organic farm in Noida on Sunday the 29th of October

The series is designed to explore the beauty and strength of the TriYoga practice. We will work with balancing and distributing your own weight and finding alignment as well as building up your inversion practice systematically. Exploring breath and movements in opposite directions to create alignment and space.


Vandana has been teaching yoga for almost 10 years. She deepened her own Yoga practice by studying TriYoga since 2009 and now holds certifications from Basics up to Level 3 (YogaAlliance).

The unique style of TriYoga fascinated her dancer heart. Sensitivity and power are both companions in this flowing yoga style which founds its 3-dimensional movements on very clear structures. In 2012 she began offering TriYoga teacher trainings in Germany and continues to study with Kali Ray, the founder of TriYoga. She also guides pre-natal TriYoga courses.

After graduating from Essen Folkwang in Germany with a contemporary dance degree, she worked as a professional dancer in Europe and Japan. In 2012, together with Michael Dick, she co-founded ‘The School for Movement,’ which offers Amerta movement experience.

Vandana has trained in BodyMindCentering® (somatic movement), Thai Yoga Massage (Sunshine Network), Acro, and Partner Yoga (lunar immersion with Julia Weis and Yamuna Devi, German Kula). Vandana’s wish to focus more specifically on the healing of old psychic emotional patterns led her to complete a training in ‘Psychology of Vision-Steps-to-Leadership’ in 2017.

For more information on her and her practice, please visit


Please bring your yoga mat; a belt, scarf or strap; and yoga blocks if you have them


The Lodi garden intro is free of cost. Please register at

For the Delhi Rock intensive, cost is Rs 1,000. Please pay at and indicate payment towards “TriYoga”