Hi everyone,

1)  We’re excited to announce new unlimited monthlies for all of our practices, modelled on rock climbing, where we’ve had our members visit us to work out as much as they wished, for years. We realised that that’s a powerful experience, to be able to combine classes with self-practice whenever you want, and even just days to come in with a yoga mat for some stretches.

2)  So from Monday, 20th February 2023, we’re changing over to unlimited monthlies for Aerial Silks, Aerial Yoga, Krav Maga and Parkour. What this means is that, for either the same money you paid earlier or slightly more (in some cases slightly less!), you get to take as many classes as you want and come in for self-practice whenever we’re open and the flooring is available. Meaning that a monthly is now conceivably as many as 31 sessions at Delhi Rock (instead of  4/6/10/12). So all the classes held that week (as many as four per week depending on the practice) plus self-practice every other day. This also means that there are no separate two-classes vs all-classes monthlies, just a single unified one.

3)  We’ll continue to provide and maintain all of the equipment, naturally, but now you can come in every single day if you’d like, and *make Delhi Rock your home away from home*

4) For details on pricing, please see delhirock.com/climbing, delhirock.com/aerial, delhirock.com/parkour, delhirock.com/vayu, and delhirock.com/kravmaga.

5)  Our list of items is much simpler – for each practice we have a dropin, a 1 month, a 3 month, and a private, that’s it. No more passes with expiries and carryover, no more booking slots and getting marked for not attending. So a far simpler and far better user experience – just come by for any class on the schedule for your practice, and self-training whenever we’re open and the flooring is free (which is whenever there is no class or booking).

6)  If you’re an existing customer with passes, don’t worry, we’ll honour them as before and let them run through. So you’ll switch over to the new monthlies once your passes are complete. Of course if you’re keen to practice more right away, we can also pro-rate the number of passes you have left and issue a monthly right away, so you can increase your attendance immediately. Just message us.

7)  We’re simplifying our bookkeeping by removing the option to pause monthlies. Standard practice with other similar businesses, so we’re making our monthlies non-extendable as well. Sorry about that! Of course pauses which have already been granted will stick, this is just for Feb 20th onwards.

8)  The same 15% discount we’ve always had for multiple purchases will still apply to monthlies (purchase two or more), so that’s still around.

9)  A note about safety: since a few of our practices (like climbing has always had) are safety-intensive, we’ll have a teacher-driven process to select students who are suitable for self-practice in aerial silks, aerial yoga, and parkour. So once cleared, we’ll mark monthlies, and allow self-practice. As with climbing and 101, so too with these three. For Krav Maga, all students with monthlies are cleared for self-practice.

10)  Note a change in timings in the kids class for climbing: there is no more Thursday KC, just Saturdays, Sundays, and Wednesdays at 5.00 pm. We’re not seeing that many kids, and not many who are regular, so we’re dialling back the slots a bit. But the same unlimited system will apply here as well; once we approve a child who’s ready, that child can come climbing whenever we’re open and take Master Class as well.

11)  For parkour and Krav Maga, we’re converting existing monthlies immediately into unlimiteds (yay!), so you can now attend as many classes as you wish without having to count, and can also drop in whenever we’re open (see delhirock.com/schedule) to self-practice outside of class timings. For parkour, do please ask Uzair or Moksh to clear you for self-practice first, since they’ll want to ensure that your safety basics are good enough to come practice alone. For Krav Maga no clearance is needed, just come on in!

12)  If you used to come for aerial silks or aerial yoga self-practice and paid us our climbing dropin fee, please note that now (a) if you opt for an unlimited, you will no longer have to pay extra for self-practice, it is included in your monthly, or (b) if you do not have the unlimited, you will be paying the dropin fee for aerial silks or aerial yoga, which is a higher fee than we have for climbing! Sorry about that.