Saturday April 29th
11.30 AM – 1 PM
Rs 1,000


Livia Etelka began her dancing exploration at the age of four. Following a classical training in ballet until the age of 20, she developed a strong foundation that enabled her to delve into different genres, ranging from jazz, modern, african to contemporary dance. Propelled by her passion for the art of movement, she explored ways in which to utilise the body as an intricate, emotive instrument to convey and communicate.

In 2009, Livia joined La Petite Chouette Aerial Dance Company, part of the Santa Barbara Centre for Aerial Dance. She studied and discovered the quiet strength and intricacies of aerial dance, transferring elements of contemporary dance and translating them into the art of flight. Concentrating on the Floor to Air® dance concept developed by Ninette Paloma, Livia Etelka has focused on a multitude of apparatus including aerial silks, rope, static trapeze, aerial hoop, hammock, stilt walking, and tight rope.

As an independent performer over the last 4 years, her experience has brought her to perform around the world at aerial conventions, high-end private and corporate events, theatre productions and festivals.


After a thorough warmup, mixing floor work, dance elements and conditioning, students will start exploring how to ascend on the apparatus. Students will learn basic classic skills on both apparatuses, finding parallels between trapeze and hoop. We will then introduce the basics of partnering, how to work and creatively play with a partner on the apparatus. Finally, we will end with deep and relaxing partner stretching.

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Saturday April 29th
11.30 AM – 1 PM

Fee is Rs 1,000

Please pay at, indicate 1000 for payment amount towards trapeze workshop.