The Outdoor Program

Climbing real rock is one of the greatest experiences of the discipline of climbing. Every rock has a different spirit and it takes teaching differently. One finds oneself in the process of climbing real rock.

This program will familiarise climbers with real rock and apply the techniques learned in the gym for true climbing. We will learn to read the rock, and its climbing instructions without the guide of an indoor gym.

Outdoor safety is also a key requirement for enabling climbers to access and utilise climbing areas safely. We will cover equipment use, communication, placement of protection, anchors, rappelling and other foundational outdoor safety techniques in this program.


Vasu Primlani

Vasu Primlani is a rock climber of 17 years. She’s climbed in New York and California, and does bouldering and sport climbing. She is also a triathlete, environmentalist and comedian.

Anuraag Tiwari

Anuraag holds certification in basic and intermediate climbing, mountaineering oriented first aid (MOFA I and II), avalanche safety (levels 1 and 2) and ski mountaineering, all from the Mountaineers Organisation, Seattle.


The Outdoor Program is built on top of our foundational classes and instruction. We require participants to learn the indoor safety skills taught in Climbing 101, as well as attend our thrice weekly Master Class in order to develop stamina, endurance, teamwork and communication.

Climbing 101
SAT & SUN 5.00 – 6.30 PM

Master Class
MON / WED / FRI 7.30 – 9.00 PM

After taking these foundational classes, participants can join our weekly Sunday outings and seminars oriented around outdoor climbing. The currently planned set are:

17 Sep – Outdoor basics I @ DR – completed

24 Sep – Lado Sarai Old Rocks – completed

08 Oct – Bouldering and recce @ Zion – completed

15 Oct – Zion bolting weekend

22 Oct – Ramjas lead climbing

29 Oct Mira Model School lead climbing

05 Nov Outdoor basics II @ DR

12 Nov – Bouldering @ Sanjay Van

19 Nov –  IMF lead climbing 

8-11 Dec – Bangalore Romp 3rd Ed

From November 12th onwards, we intend to go to Dhauj every Sunday all day for outdoor trad! The Bangalore outing is a multi-day sport and trad climbing trip.


The outdoor climbing program is included in Delhi Rock’s monthly fee and pass structure. Details on pricing, timings, etc. are at


We want climbers to invest in their own equipment so that they learn safe use and handling on personal gear, and are primed to come climb outdoors and on trips. The list of required personal gear for this program is as follows:

– Harness

– Helmet

– Climbing shoes

– ATC style belay device

– Large locking carabiner

– Small locking carabiner

– Single length runner

– Chalk bag

Climbing attire is comprised of comfortable, breathable and stretchy exercise clothing; regular sports shoes; no jewellery of any kind visible; hair tied away neatly; nails trimmed close on both hands and feet.

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