Safety & The Outdoors

This set of 16 classes is geared towards preparing our users for climbing outdoors, where the environment is usually highly variable and requires climbers to have well rounded safety skills, so that they can deal safely with the environment in which they’re placed.

The core content for this material, and the approach we follow, will be driven mostly by Freedom of the Hills, 8th Ed., so if you plan to join us for these classes, then do please purchase a copy of your own online.

With weekly climbing at Dhauj, monthly trips outdoors, and investment in equipment and training, we hope to create a group of committed outdoor climbers from Delhi Rock with these. We start by teaching indoor safety skills, and then layer on the outdoor bits so that people learn progressively.

1. Indoor top rope belay

* Equipment usage, notes and care
* Device usage, posture and stance
* Communication and commands

2. Bouldering safety basics

* How to spot a climber
* Using crashpads effectively
* Learning to fall from a height

3. Indoor lead belay

* Investing in equipment
* Usage and practice indoors
* Commands, slack and posture
* Taking a lead fall, dynamic vs. static

4. Indoor lead climbing

* Clipping efficiency and safety
* Anticipating a fall, backclipping
* Ropework

5. Rapelling

* Setup, checking and sequence
* Autoblock
* Fireman’s belay

6. Knots

* Basic knots
* Basic hitches
* Usage and application
* Testing and practice

7. Outdoor safety basics (I)

* Preparation for outdoor climbing
* Objective vs subjective hazards
* Principles of outdoor climbing, Leave No Trace
* Ratings systems and terminology
* Investing in equipment

8. Outdoor safety basics (II)

* Following on lead
* Belay setup considerations
* Communication and partner work
* Cleaning, gear management, rope work

9. Outdoor sport lead

* Anchor work
* Belaying up your partner

10. Outdoor trad lead basics (I)

* Investing in equipment
* Equipment usage and notes
* Placing protection

11. Outdoor trad lead basics (II)

* Protection strategies while climbing
* Anchors

12. Outdoor trad lead basics (III)

* Considerations for anchors and their placement
* Belaying up your follower
* Racks, gear management and rope work

13. Outdoor trad lead advanced (I)

* Protecting traverses and overhangs
* Getting off your climb safely
* Setting up rappels for others

14. Outdoor trad lead advanced (II)

* Swinging leads vs single lead
* Cragging vs multipitch

15. Expedition planning (I)

* Planning strategies
* Doing a recce
* Studying accident notes

16. Expedition planning (II)

* Planning to leave gear
* Weather considerations
* Topos, emergency equipment and scenarios
* Documentation guide for other climbers

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