Private Sessions

For folks new to climbing, a private session is an excellent alternative to taking Climbing 101 if you can’t spare both days on the weekend. You get taught many of the same things, and at a pace suitable to you or your small group (up to three individuals).

A private session is both safety and technique focused, and participants should expect to have a solid 90-minute climbing related workout. We help participants learn both the safety-related teamwork and communication, as well as the athletic movement and problem-solving associated with climbing.

Private sessions are chargeable at Rs 2,100 for a 1.5 hour session. A private can be arranged during our open hours; please register prior here:


  • Please wear regular athletic attire which is breathable and stretchy, and athletic shoes
  • No jeans or restrictive clothing to impede movement, arm and leg mobility are crucial for climbing
  • Nails should be trimmed close on both hands and feet, and watches and jewellery removed for the session
  • We provide lockers and changing rooms, but don’t have showers on premise
  • If you have any health related problems, please disclose them to us before hand.

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