Passes & Monthlies Policies

This page lays out the policies which apply for passes and monthlies, which are non-transferable, non-extendable and non-refundable by default. Please read this carefully!

We view your purchase of a pass or monthly at Delhi Rock as a firm commitment to attend regularly, and are strict about our rules. Please understand these before buying!

1.  Discounts — We are sincere about affordability to encourage enthusiasts for each of our practices. To sustain this, we do not offer discounts on single purchases. If you buy two or more at a time (for example a climbing monthly and a parkour monthly), you get a 15% discount on both. Similarly, if you purchase five private sessions or more.

2.  Validity — Passes and monthlies are valid for a specified interval printed on your receipt. This cannot be extended, but can be paused for at most one week per month for a planned break. You must inform us of this at least a week in advance, we cannot extend after the fact. An extension can only be granted once per month.

3.  Attendance — For passes, you can choose any slot on our schedule. For aerial silks & yoga, we have a calendar we maintain where you book a slot in advance. Please note that for Krav Maga and parkour, there are two types of monthlies: one for two classes per week, and one for four classes per week. Please purchase the one suitable for you!

4.  Make-up classes — If you’ve purchased a twice-weekly monthly for Krav Maga or parkour, we permit you to make up a missed class by taking another one. For example, if you usually attend weekdays and missed a class, within the monthly period you can take a weekend class to catch up. If you exceed the twice weekly total, extra ones will count as a new month.

5.  Rescheduling — For aerial silks & yoga, we have a very limited number of slots and are unable to accommodate rescheduling slots on the day of the class. You must inform us of a cancellation at least 24 hrs prior, otherwise it counts. Similarly, moving you from one slot to another on the same day without 24 hrs notice counts as a cancellation.

6.  Covid — We cannot pause your monthly or passes beyond a week if you get Covid. The pause will kick in a week after we are notified (meaning you will lose a week, and pause for a week). If cases in Delhi rise dramatically and it’s necessary to offer everyone an indefinite pause, we will do so on our WhatsApp groups as we have twice before.

7.  Exceptions — While these rules may seem strict, please understand that we are only able to accommodate the pricing we offer by keeping the rules simple and uniform. We understand that personal, family, and medical issues arise, but please don’t ask for exceptions on those grounds, we will not be able to accommodate them.

Thank you! We’ve thought a lot about these rules, and hope they help students attend regularly, learn at a good pace, and continue coming to DR; as well as simplify our work so that we can keep doing what we do!