Hi everybody,

I’m happy to announce that Lin Rahman and Ruta Sidlauskaite will be coming on board as volunteers at Delhi Rock from this month onwards. We’ve needed a bit more rigour and systematisation at the gym for a while, and with Lin and Ruta helping out, things should improve quickly.

Lin is going to help with partnering more effectively with people and organisations who’ve reached out to us, as well as create new programming at Delhi Rock. You can reach Lin at lin@delhirock.com.

Ruta will be our resident kids expert! She’ll figure out ways to have kids engage constructively with our environment, and improve what we have to offer and teach kids. You can reach Ruta at ruta@delhirock.com.

Lin and Ruta have been members of our community since we opened, and I’m optimistic that they’ll be a wonderful fit at Delhi Rock. Please welcome them!

Many thanks,