So, our third attempt at summiting Mt Patalsu! November 27 to 29.

Late November, early December is apparently a good time to head up to Manali and try Patalsu, 14,500 ft. We’ve done this twice before, and not summited, once because we tried to do a single day and that was too aggressive, and the second time we got weathered off the mountain.

So, this time we’re going to take three full days, winter camping for two nights so that we have a great shot at it. From our last trip, see pictures, we have a rough idea of where to pitch tents midway, so the plan is to get to Manali and try and knock off at least 2,000 feet of vertical the first day, pitch, do another 2,000 the next day and pitch, and then the remaining 2,000 on summit day and come all the way back.

This will be another self guided trip, so you have to have a nice backpack and gear to be able to do this. Temperatures will be subzero at night, so good warm weather gear and boots as well. But if you’re interested in doing our mountaineering trips in 2016, this would be an awesome way to get a taste of that.

Trip cost is Rs 7,500 each, which is inclusive of your transportation and group gear, but not personal gear or food. Everybody will bring their own food, or perhaps we’ll organise food communally between us the week before.

We’ll meet at Delhi Rock on Tuesday the 24th to do a gear check (compulsory) and then meet at the buses for Manali on Thursday the 26th in North Delhi at around 6 PM. So you’ll need to take a single day off work, returning early in the morning on Monday the 30th.

Please post to this page if you have any questions, or email us at to register. For registering, we need the following information from you:

1) Next of kin information

2) Do you have the gear you’ll need?

3) Have you done treks carrying ~ 20 kilos of weight?

Thanks guys!