Parkour Incident Report Dated September 2nd 2023

Two kids were attending parkour class that day, and the instructor had set up our crashpads as obstacles to jump over – between the red foam pad floor and the black climbing bouldering flooring. From the red floor to the black padded surface. He set up higher and higher obstacles, and kept moving the kids to the right side, where the gap is narrow.

V took a jump, his foot got wrapped awkwardly on the black padded surface and he tumbled. His arm did not come up to protect his forehead as he crashed into the white wall (most likely because he was tumbling / spinning and hence disoriented, as opposed to falling straight), and he banged into a flat section of the white wall, opening a cut just above his eye. This subsequently required stitches.


1) We have subsequently removed the yellow pull-up bar structure from the red foam floor, and added a full metre of length to the flooring, making it very large, and perfect for practicing parkour. Since it is far safer to tumble than to crash (stop suddenly), it is best if students practice over the red floor, where there are no longer any fixed obstacles to crash into. Climbing areas should not be used for parkour.

2) I have informed the instructor that the black padded floor is not suitable for running activities – since it is soft and the foot plunges, it is very easy for a foot to get caught and then people to either fall or sprain an ankle. That surface is not suitable for parkour, cartwheeling, etc. The red mat floor is ideal for these, and should be used exclusively.

3) I have given the instructor feedback that he should set up boxes and obstacles with the possibility of a fall in mind; i.e. away from concrete and sharp edges. Kids will climb and jump once an obstacle is placed, so the setup has to anticipate this radius of movement and the possibility of a fall.