Thursday June 28th. 7.30 – 8.30 pm, guest lecture at Delhi Rock.

Bharat Bhushan & Prerna Dangi were on a 2 week pre-monsoon Mishmi Takin sponsored expedition to the majestic Paapsura peak in the formidable East Tosh Glacier.

In an illustrated talk, Prerna will be sharing the story of the new route they attempted on the peak and the narrow escapes faced by the team. Along with some truly incredible pictures!
UPslope Productions were with them covering their climb, where they took a very challenging route till summit camp and attempted a new line post that.
Story of their grit, heart and some narrow escapes will be coming as a short film in near future. But in the meantime, do come and check out this talk by Prerna, should be incredible!
Some very breathable Mishmi Takin gear will be on display alongside the talk. India’s first true outdoors gear footwear company, so exciting! Well, Florida retailed, but made in India, and coming to India soon!
Images © Upslope Productions, all rights reserved