Hey guys,

Psssst….! Our Yeti has finally come out from his summer hibernation and yes, he now has a name. Thanks to all of you and our partner Little Black Book Delhi, the #NameTheYeti social media campaign went really well. Kudos too to Nicole Juneja and Karishma Duggal, our two social media ninjas! So here goes:

Here’s the complete list, from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We went through posts, hashtags, and emails. In alphabetical order, sentence case.

Alps – Nikhil Sharma, Facebook
Alto – @madlittlewildchild, Instagram
Anasazi – Nikhil Sharma, Facebook
Angtharkay – @marybuc, Instagram
Anurok – Akshay Deodhar, Facebook
Axl – Girish Rajbhandari, Facebook
Bachendri – Anandini Chawla, Facebook
Baloo – Anushree, Facebook
Bandya – @pri_dogra, Instagram
Beeny – Abhijit Chanda, Facebook
Bigboned – @sapiosexual_ambivert, Instagram
Bigfoot – @banjaari, Instagram
Bigfoot – @meghashingla, Instagram
Bigfoot – @stutidrewaparabola, Instagram
Bigfoot – Anjalina Pradhan, Facebook
Billu – Aadhar Bhardwaj, Facebook
Blob – Sonalee Tomar, Facebook
Blooofur – Aditya Arora, Facebook
Blue Snow – Subham Mukherjee, Facebook
Bolt – @banjaari, Instagram
Buffmeup – @tj_the_pj, Instagram
Bullet – @thegr8hero, Twitter
Camper – @radhikakc, Instagram
Chota – @marmalade_bakes, Instagram
Chuzzle – @aditi_dhingra, Instagram
Clamber – Abhijit Chanda, Facebook
Cliffhanger – @complexly_considerate, Instagram
Coldstoned – @kasakkasu, Instagram
Colosso – @kasakkasu, Instagram
Cuddles – @veggiefoodiee, Instagram
Delhi + yeti – Aadhar Bhardwaj, Facebook
Delhi kaa Yeti – Aadhar Bhardwaj, Facebook
Delyeti – Aadhar Bhardwaj, Facebook
Dhum tana tan tana – Surbhi Khatoon, Facebook
Dino – @thegr8hero, Twitter
Dr. Yeti – Sandeep Tiwari, Facebook
Fluffy – ‏@infinityonpause, Twitter
Fun wun – @marmalade_bakes, Instagram
Furball – @nicolejuneja, Instagram
Furball – Anuraag Tiwari, Facebook
Fuzzman – @madlittlewildchild, Instagram
Fuzzy – @meghashingla, Instagram
Gabru – @arjit899, Instagram
Gambhir – Guneet Thakral, Facebook
Gambhir Ya the Yeti! – Guneet Thakral, Facebook
Ganesh Sr – ‏@JacobSingh, Twitter
Grippy – Abhijit Chanda, Facebook
Grizzly – Anushree, Facebook
Half-moon – @anand.asmita, Instagram
He man – @sainisps197350, Instagram
Hillphile – Shivani Banchariya, Facebook
Him – @meghashingla, Instagram
Himman – Sandeep Tiwari, Facebook
Himmat manush – @khalidwani, Instagram
Hitreko – @rzd_himanshu, Instagram
HowdyHike – @muse_ministry, Instagram
Hurricane – @thegr8hero, Twitter
Igloo – @madlittlewildchild, Instagram
Jungle man – @avneetkaur, Instagram
Klimmur – Varun Kaul, Facebook
Kodiak – Abhishek Som, Facebook
Lobuche – ‏@javoolander, Twitter
Lobuje – Anuraag Tiwari, Email
Manimahesh kailash peak – @kungfusardar, Instagram
Mascoli – ‏@S_arshxo, Twitter
Miche bun manchi migo – @alma_dhingra, Instagram
Moon Bear – Sandeep Tiwari, Facebook
Mr Beat the Sleet! – @tarantalle.gra, Instagram
Mr Freezy – @madlittlewildchild, Instagram
Olaf – Shrishti Mishra, Facebook
Oogway – @tanmoym, Instagram
Pattar – @JacobSingh, Twitter
Paw – Anjalina Pradhan, Facebook
Pittu – ‏@JacobSingh, Twitter
Raju – Abhijit Chanda, Facebook
Rickety – @madlittlewildchild, Instagram
Rock and roll – @complexly_considerate, Instagram
Rocketi – Swati Jain, Facebook
Rockstar – @madlittlewildchild, Instagram
Rocky – @banjaari, Instagram
Rocky – @martina123b, Instagram
Rocky – Shivani Banchariya
Rocky – Julius Heise, Facebook
Rocky – @‏hd_07, Twitter
Rokanu – Akshay Deodhar, Facebook
Sassquatch – Anushree, Facebook
Sassy – Abhijit Chanda, Facebook
Skwoch – Abhijit Chanda, Facebook
Smokey – @thegr8hero, Twitter
Snowball – Eirliani Abdul Rahman, Facebook
Snowcone – @madlittlewildchild, Instagram
Snowie – ‏@MissDuggal, Twitter
Snowman – @sainisps197350, Instagram
Snowy – @ashishkchauhan, Instagram
Snowy – @karishmaduggal15, Instagram
Soft stone – @akshitananda, Instagram
Som bearo – Sandeep Tiwari, Facebook
Sully – @akankshajakhar, Instagram
Tashi – Rajat Bansal, Facebook
The indomitable snowman – Uday Singh Jhala, Facebook
The Rock – @anshuman25, Instagram
The Rock – @sleet_shah, Instagram
The Rock – @somyasud, Instagram
Vigor – @neha_rainlove, Instagram
Wetty – ‏@S_arshxo, Twitter
White Sully – @akankshajakhar, Instagram
Ya-man – Sandeep Tiwari, Facebook
Yacky – ‏@S_arshxo, Twitter
Yahoo – Radhika Kapur Chhabra, Facebook
Yahoo the yeti – @n8ha, Instagram
Yambooza – @gulabiglares, Instagram
Yanni – Abhijit Chanda, Facebook
Yeezy the Yeti – Anushree, Facebook
Yeshi – Karishma Handa, Facebook
Yethi – ‏@javoolander, Twitter
Yeti Dilliwaala – Aadhar Bhardwaj, Facebook
Yetiful – Ishani Lahiri, Facebook
Yoda fit – Akash Goyal, Facebook
Yodi the Yeti – Sumit Dayal, Facebook
Yoga – @meghashingla, Instagram
Yoodle – Radhika Kapur Chhabra, Facebook
Yummy – @suchioaksindia, Instagram
Yuri the yeti – @n8ha, Instagram
Zeus – @banjaari, Instagram

That’s 124 names! Pretty incredible response. We’re really proud of you guys for putting this together. It was wonderful, and we hope we can make more magic like this with our supporters in the future.

We then went through and did a first cut, using our instincts for words which sounded beautiful, had some character and we thought conveyed a bit of mythology, which is attractive and powerful:

Mr Beat the Sleet!
Miche bun manchi migo
White Sully

After doing the first cut, we realised that we wanted the word to convey the Himalayas, and the unique mountain cultures (Pahari, Nepali, Himachali, Garhwali, etc.) which are unique to South Asia.

We have a bit of a problem with climbers and outdoors athletes whose role models are entirely attractive, well marketed and corporate caucasian athletes. So we want to step around that.

That left a final cut which for us had historical and cultural significance, and we thought conveyed that the Yeti isn’t an import or a ripoff, but rather representative of our unique sensibilities:

Miche bun manchi migo
– @alma_dhingra, Instagram

– @marybuc, Instagram

– ‏@S_arshxo, Twitter

– Anuraag Tiwari, Email

– Karishma Handa, Facebook

– Anandini Chawla, Facebook

– Abhijit Chanda, Facebook

– Rajat Bansal, Facebook

So then we googled each of these, and they all have a distinct meaning, in some cases are people’s names. The one that really stood out for us, and is the winner of the competition, is:

Tashi, བཀྲ་ཤིས་

Tashi (Tibetan: བཀྲ་ཤིས་, Lhasa dialect ʈáɕiʔ) is a Tibetan word meaning good fortune or auspiciousness. Source: Wikipedia.

(Attribution: Rajat Bansal, facebook.com/delhirock)

We really like the Tibetan script, and would like that to feature in our promotion of this. It’s Tibetan Buddhism, so relatively free of the taint of nationalism, and resonant as well.

To us, Tashi is meaningful because we feel that mythical creatures often represent good luck and a benevolent spirit in the mountains, so a form of encouragement for our outdoor endeavours.

So, at long last, please welcome:

Tashi the Yeti