March 24th – 27th 2016

Club format (pay your own costs), we’ll be camping, so mostly just transport and food cost for 4 days.

Our friend Anil Belwal has been bolting routes and creating a climbing area up around Nainital, so we thought we’d head up over Holi and Easter to do a climbing trip and visit him.

This will be the first trip run along the lines we want to start following; everybody will pitch in equally in helping organise, and we’ll split costs evenly. So DR is a facilitator, a place where we meet, and we collect and publish trip reports post.
We’ll be camping and cooking together, so the only substantial cost of this trip is going to be bus fare up and down, so factor less than 4,000 rs for the entire thing. If you want to come along, please read the following carefully!
We expect you to:
1) Demonstrate that you’re able to lead climb and belay safely; this is a trip where everyone’s expected to have practiced lead at DR or IMF before coming out, both belay and climbing.
2) Form a part of a pair or trio which between them has a rope and draws in addition to personal gear. So you’d have practiced with a partner, and will contribute your part, as a pair or trio, to the gear you need to climb outdoors.
3) Organise your own tents and cooking equipment, stoves and food. This is a camping trip. Within the group, we’ll divide tasks like helping with gear lists, renting from IMF, food, etc.
If you’re good with all of this, please register for the trip at:
We’ll start an email chain to get the logistics underway. Ganeshsir from DR will interface with Anil in Nainital, on where to climb and camp, so we’ll do that part.