Our bodies are listening. Sound being everywhere, holds the control power to our emotions. We exchange energies in the form of frequencies and transmit them into thoughts and actions.
Humans are externally driven and sounds play an important role in our behavioral well-being. To find a mind-body equilibrium, we need to bring ourselves close to sounds and frequencies capable of taking us to our happy place.
Music meditation involves the use of live traditional and new-age instruments, along with frequencies to bring the body in a state of calmness. When you interact with musical instruments in an intimate and absorbed environment, it creates a personal exchange in the language of music that everyone in the room feels connected to.
The session is beautifully designed by Siddhant who is a percussionist and specializes in alternate instruments used for meditation. He puts together sounds of varied textures and nature to bring our awareness to each of one them and the silence in between. Being a live performance, it’s a form of music and relaxation that can make you feel a lot more than what you hear.


Cost Rs 1000
Please register at https://rzp.io/l/delhirock and enter 1000 for amount, “Music Meditation” for purpose