Mountaineering Fitness

Please note that we will be climbing without porters and that you will be required to carry group gear, in addition to your personal gear. This can translate to 20-25kg in weight.

Do ensure that you are sufficiently fit as it is important that members of the climbing team have a comparable fitness level. We would expect you to take part in the two outdoor trips to Dhauj to learn rope work, glacier travel and crevasse rescue, as well as in the two mini-expeditions lined up for April and May, before the actual climb of Hanuman Tibba proper. We would expect you to be able to carry up to one third of your body weight, and comfortably gain roughly up to 450m (1500 feet) an hour in hiking boots over moderate terrain.

If the core team feel that you have not demonstrated sufficient commitment to the climbing programme, and/or not shown the discipline and fitness level required, we would ask that you not continue further.

LIN/RUTA: This needs updates on specific programs and fitness goals. I think you guys are both researching this, so do please send me some good content, or blog posts. The goal is to keep this page updated so that it’s a useful and relevant resource.

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