Master Class

Our master class is taught by our climbing coach. Ask one of the instructors at the gym if you’d like to be added to our climbers WhatsApp group. No prior registration is required, but you need to have taken Climbing 101 with us. For details on pricing and timing, please see our main climbing webpage.

Some of the topics we cover are:

1. Footwork basics (I)

* Climb with your eyes
* Three points of contact principle
* Foot placement, focus on your toes

2. Footwork basics (II)

* Edging and smearing
* Hips, toes, knees towards wall
* Body tension
* Feet high

3. Advanced footwork

* Knee drops
* Heel hooks

4. Upper body basics (I)

* Arms straight, shoulder roll
* Minimum grip necessary
* Resting and shaking out a pump

5. Upper body basics (II)

* Controlled body movement
* Underclings and sideclings

6. Advanced upper body techniques

* Campusing and manteling
* Crimping

7. Balance techniques

* Twist locks
* Flagging and counter balance

8. Climbing speed

* Safety first, and then speed
* Climbing slow when efficient
* Climbing fast through hard parts and overhangs

9. Drill techniques (I)

* Slow pace
* Fast pace
* Purely static moves
* Purely dynamic moves

10. Drill techniques (II)

* Repeat on easy until exhaustion
* Constant climb and downclimb
* One arm traverse

11. Drill techniques (III)

* Constant traversing, no stop
* Blindfolded climbing session

12. Drill techniques (IV)

* Two by two match
* Stick game

13. Down climbing

* Climbing with your eyes
* Trusting your feet
* Lowering on legs, not hands

14. Dynos and deadpoints

* Timing
* Body movement
* Focus on feet and balance

15. Slab and friction climbing

* Downpressure
* Posture

16. Overhang and roof climbing

* Feet up
* Move through hard sections
* Controlled body movement

17. Chimney climbing

* Stemming
* Using your back and feet in opposition
* Resting positions
* Coming out of a chimney

18. Lie backs

* Opposition of legs and hands
* Maintaining momentum

19. Crack climbing

* Finger, hand, elbow and shoulder jams
* Foot and knee jams
* Taping

20. Working on routes and problems

* Planning and climbing with your eyes
* Visualisation
* Climbing with a partner
* Usage of tape

21. Advanced prep (I)

* Sport psychology / learning / expectations
* Importance of rest and diet + hydration

22. Advanced prep (II)

* Breathing techniques
* A good workout program
* Setting goals with a coach, redpoint climbing

TEL9818440969 (see hours of operation)
ADDNanaksar Gurudwara, opp. M-39 res., GK2 (see detailed directions)
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