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Delhi Rock is a beautiful and stimulating environment for kids, and we’ve often had wonderful groups of kids and parents in our space. We would like to provide Delhi parents with a great venue for bringing kids to be active and play safely.


We explain safety basics to kids, and educate them about the equipment, safety gear and teamwork involved in climbing safely at a height. They are introduced to several foundational concepts in climbing, and get to enact those in a team environment with other members of their group.

Kids get to safely boulder at the centre, and learn the movement principles that bouldering is known for. This is mostly a little introduction to footwork and hand coordination in bouldering, so a small clinic in movement.

Kids walk across a safely rigged slackline, learn balance and coordination. The slackline is at a height suitable for kids, so it is safe for practice. This is followed by attempts to balance on the line, which is difficult. We time this, and allow multiple attempts. Great for balance and focus.

Gymnastic play area
We’ve set up a sequence of five trapeze bars the kids have to cross. Quite challenging, especially after the first two, kids have to use hanging endurance and generate swing with body movement, coordinate moving from bar to bar.


We charge Rs 600 per participant inclusive of tax, there are no hidden charges. We can accommodate as many as 24 children in our birthday experiences. These amounts are inclusive of equipment, instruction and taxes.


Available slots are weekdays 4.00-6.00 PM and weekends 12.30-2.30 PM. We arrange instructors and activities according to group size, so please indicate the number of children, and your date preference for the slots above at

After checking your date preference, we’ll set up a meeting with you for you to come see our space, explain our format to you, and to take a non-refundable Rs 3,600 deposit to reserve the slot for you. You can pay this online as well:


Total event time is 2 hours including activity and food. We provide 1 instructor per group of 6-7 children. Instructional time is the first 1.5 hrs, with 30 minutes for food and wrapping up. We request parents to be prompt about time.

There are frequently other activities scheduled at Delhi Rock, and your group will be accommodated comfortably in our space, but not to the exclusion of our other users and activities.

We reserve the right to modify the activity format from time to time, so do please bear that in mind. If you experienced a bday event in prior years, you might find subtle tweaks when you come back to us!

We need each child to have a waiver, signed by a legal guardian. The following link should be sent to each parent prior to the event:

Note: The waiver is mobile-friendly and only takes 2-3 minutes. We do not permit kids to participate without one.


There is a wooden benches area at the centre where lots of kids can be seated and served food. We don’t have a kitchen, fridge, microwave, etc., so food has to be ordered from outside and is not included in the fee we charge. We don’t have plates, cutlery, or glasses at the centre. The centre is in a gurudwara compound, so food has to be vegetarian.

We don’t allow any food to be served before or during the activity for reasons of hygiene (kids use their hands in all of our activities), only after the activity is complete. Please be prompt about prepping and serving food when the activity ends, as well as packing up and leaving once the food consumption is complete. We can’t allow the kids to resume after eating, all of our activities are instructor-led and safety-intensive.


Kids attire is athletic clothing and shoes, hair tied away neatly, nails trimmed close on hands and feet, and jewellery and watches removed.

The following directions are sufficient for reaching the venue:


We are located in a gurudwara compound, so parents are asked to instruct everybody involved in the birthday to not smoke on premises, wear appropriate clothing and order vegetarian food only.

We are strict about time! The window is 2 hrs – 1.5 hrs of activity, plus .5 hr for food, so please plan accordingly. There’s plenty to do in our format, so please don’t add any others.

No decorations are permitted on site – we’ve seen a lot of single-use plastic, etc., and it adds very little value, so we no longer permit that. Please minimise disposables, and things which just get thrown.

TEL9818440969 (see hours of operation)
ADDNanaksar Gurudwara, opp. M-39 res., GK2 (see detailed directions)
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