Saturday April 14th.
12.00 – 1.30 PM.
Rs 700.

Handstands are a wonderful combination of strength, balance and form, and very addictive to practice and attempt to master. If you’ve been interested in learning handstands, do please come out for this.

This class will contain a series of conditioning and form exercises to help you learn the basics of handstands, and their practice safely at home, against a wall. The key elements taught will be:

– Wrist mobility & strengthening

– Posture: back, legs, hands

– General conditioning


The class will be taught by our parkour teacher, Abhishek Ghosal. Abhishek has been practising and teaching parkour for six years. He is trained in karate (Okinawa Goju Ryu) and has learned yoga from Kaivalyadham in Mumbai.

He built a community of Parkour enthusiasts in Delhi and has been featured in ads and videos built around brilliant Parkour moves. He’s been written up by Red Bull, Men’s Health, Hindustan Times, and others!


Fees are Rs 700, payable at Please enter 700 and indicate payment towards “Handstand workshop”