Please join us for a diverse and individualised introduction to aerial arts – Ria Bajaj (@ria.rbajaj) will be working with both hoops and silks, and is almost certainly India’s best trained professional aerialist, somebody we hope can fill the rather large shoes left by our excellent former teacher! These sessions are suitable both for folks completely new to aerial arts, as well as former students who are intermediates and looking for further refinement and to sustain their practice.


Ria Bajaj is an aerialist based in Mumbai who did her Aerial Silks Teachers Training program from Aerial Physique, LA and is now one of the few artists certified by ‘The American Circus Association’. Right after that she did an advanced Aerial Arts course from Womac and Bowman, LA. Her interest in fitness and aerial arts lead her to the ‘Climb and Spin’ and ‘Invert Drills’ teachers training (pole dance and fitness) from NYPole, New York. Ria also trained at Body and Pole, New York, The Circus Centre, ‘San Francisco Circus Centre’, San Francisco,  Aerial Athletica and Shine Fitness, Las Vegas.


Beginners will learn basic aerial grip and balance techniques on a bunny knot and progress to postural routines with smooth transitions to more complex routines on the knot. We will be working on active stretching techniques which will help strengthen muscles and improve flexibility. The next step will be learning climbing and footlocks with various positions again creating routines.

Intermediate students will experiment with various climbing techniques, routines and drops. We will focus on knitting known and new techniques and skills together to create seamless routines with artistry. One of the workshops will focus on expanding horizons for self practice and preparing oneself to strive for advanced techniques.

Conditioning and flexibility training will take place for beginners as well as intermediate participants.


This series is from Saturday June 2nd to Sunday June 10th, two slots to choose from per day. The times available to choose from are:

June 2nd – 9th | 5.30 PM – 7.00 PM everyday

June 2nd – 9th | 7.15 PM – 8.45 PM everyday


Pricing is Rs 1,000 per session, or Rs 5,000 for six sessions. Each slot will have a maximum size of eight participants, two per apparatus effectively.

If you’d like to sign up, please head up to to pay; you’ll enter the payment amount manually, and then indicate payment towards “Aerial with Ria.” You can sign up for as many slots as you’d like, just multiply by 1,000 or choose the six-pack. All nine days is Rs 8,000!