Acroyoga includes various partner activities like partner stretches, partner drills, counterbalance, partner acrobatics and partner therapy. According to “AcroYoga combines the power of acrobatics, wisdom of yoga and compassion of healing arts.” It is not a substitute for individual practice, but more an extension to an individual practice. When two or more individuals co-create a practice it is something more than what each person can do individually. There is a shared space of support – trust – connection – kindness while co-creating shapes, flows and movements. And this is the magic of AcroYoga.

With this workshop, the aim is to is to acquaint the participants with :-

* The basic philosophy of AcroYoga,
* Easy-to-do and fun partner AcroYoga poses & drills
* Partner therapy

It is suitable for any fitness level (medically fit and injury free), the only prerequisites are:

* Enthusiasm
* An open mind and
* A smiling face 🙂


11th August 2019


11:00 am to 1:00 pm


Full cost is Rs 1,200 / early bird is Rs 900 (till Sunday August 4th). Please register and pay online at (enter 900 manually)


– Bottle of water
– Yoga mat
– Small hand towel
– Mosquito repellent
– Hand sanitiser


KANIKA GUPTA is a yoga teacher, therapist, energy healer and an acroyoga practitioner. She is the founder of Theyogaclass ( She has been teaching yoga since 2005 and has received her teacher’s training from two prestigious schools (traditions) of yoga: Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Ashram (Kerala) and later on extended advanced studies with Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram (Chennai).

Kanika started exploring AcroYoga in early 2015 and attended her first acroyoga workshop in Oct 2015 with Acroyoga teacher Jennifer Hobler. She realised acroyoga provided a balancing element to her yoga practice and continued to train on regular basis. She started facilitating introductory Acroyoga sessions in 2017. Kanika has attended the Elemental AcroYoga with Marc Bauchet and Haein Cho in Goa and Solar Immersion with Pascal Weis and Jaqui Wan in London. She has participated in sessions run by leading AcroYoga and acrobatics teachers in London and Europe like Eugene and Pip of Acroyoga Dance, Saina of London School of Hand Balancing. She is an active acroyoga practitioner and continues with her training and learning in acroyoga. Outside of yoga and AcroYoga, she is an ACE, Pilates and Reebok certified trainer.