Please join Mansi and Anuraag for a two day introduction to the acrobatic and yogic practice which is AcroYoga!

Acro (short form) combines yoga, acrobatics and therapeutics in a unique and addictive blend which lends itself to individualised practice, constant challenge, and the development of partnership skills. Acro can be flowy and elegant, a great way to frame and motivate physical skills and focus, a creative and collaborative exercise, and a way to connect meaningfully with others.

We will cover elements of the practice in these two days to give you a feel for how acro works, so you can decide if it’s suitable for you to get deeper into the practice.

These elements are:

  • Developing shared balance and calibrated trust
  • Understanding the basic roles of flyer, base and spotter
  • Foundational poses and grips, postures
  • Inversions, with planned spotting
  • Working on underlying strength, motor skills and awareness

The workshop is spread over two days; the first day we’ll introduce you to shared balance, the three roles of flyer, base and spotter in acro, and conditioning and calibration skills.

Day two, we’ll push you a little more with basic inversions with a crucial emphasis on spotting and self-assessment, so you get a little more of the energy and excitement of the practice, and also trust and teamwork.


Mansi is a wellness advocate and a well-known yoga instructor who runs the House Of Kapaali, a highly awarded experiential wellness space. She is the founder of a natural skincare line called Manasté and has been honoured with the award of “Exceptional Women of Excellence” at the Women Economic Forum 2018. Mansi holds a masters degree in Film Production from Griffith University, Australia and is also a Master of Ceremonies who moderates international conferences that aim to bring a sense of harmony and uplift consciousness.

Anuraag is an avid acro practitioner, and has experienced the benefits of a sustained acro practice firsthand. Between the two of them, Anuraag and Mansi have attended all three AcroYoga International immersions (solar, lunar and elemental). Anuraag has been teaching acro informally for a while, making acro addiction happen, and this is his first foray into teaching in a more formal way!


Lodhi Garden, Saturday and Sunday March 2 & 3. Both days from 4.00 pm to 5.30 pm.

We’ll send you a precise location pin and directions once you register!


The cost for both days is Rs 1500 inclusive of applicable tax. You can pay online to register here:

On the payment link, please enter 1500 manually and specify you’re paying for “AcroYoga workshop” on the following page.

Please email if you have any questions!