It’s International Handstand Day guys! June 23rd.
We wanted to invite folks into handstands from all over Delhi to come and celebrate this unique and addictive inversion with us. At Lodi Gardens on June 23rd, 8.30 – 9.30 AM.
And at the end we’ll frame a nice shot with all of us against a beautiful tomb at Lodi, perhaps the most number of handstands attempted at once in Delhi!
So if you’re into acroyoga, capoeira, parkour, yoga, b-boy, acrobatics, gymnastics, or just a curious beginner, come out and join us! The event is free, so just come on in. Kids above twelve years of age with a parent are also welcome.
Please register at the link below so that we know to expect you, and can send you directions to where we’ll be:
We’ll lead a warmup for you, and for the beginners give you some tips on safe handstanding with a spotter. If you’re a pro and want to volunteer to help instruct, DM us!
Finally, if you’d like to work with us this month, learn drills and get in to your handstands in a progressive way, come join us for our weekly series on handstand drills and conditioning! The first one is this Sunday:
See you and happy handstanding!
Graphic image (c) Dawn Hudson