Social media has made it difficult for us to embrace the skin that we are in because we are constantly comparing ourselves to airbrushed versions of people that don’t actually exist.

Body dysmorphia, social anxiety and ED’s like orthorexia are steadily on the rise. It’s really important to honour your body despite your fine lines, dimples, cellulite and wrinkles.

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Life can get a bit overwhelming and not all of us have the resources to seek counselling immediately. The first step to recovery and healing is to enable people to open up and talk about their feelings. We have to de-stigmatise mental health so people feel safer about reaching out and admitting we have a problem.


It’s only natural to feel envious of your favourite blogger holidaying in the Caymans or your best friend hanging out on a yacht in Croatia. What we fail to realise is that we are only seeing the highlight reel. Reel life isn’t real life and influencers are often obligated to put their best faces forward.

Join us for a panel discussion on the occasion of International Flow Arts Day with Jia Singh, Zina Singh and Zoya Singh on dealing with body image in a healthy and positive fashion.


JIA SINGH is a Delhi-based wellness, travel and body positivity writer. Her journey to wellness has allowed her to realise that self-care isn’t selfish but absolutely critical. She hopes to motivate others to honour their bodies with counselling, support groups, campaigns and talks. She has written extensively on the topic on her blog ( and digital media. Here are some links.

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ZINA AND ZOYA SINGH run a fashion lifestyle and culture portal called Terrible Twos. Health has been a major focus for the Terrible Twos – lifelong athletes and avid yoginis, they’d like to help their followers effectively manage their health and wellness. Here is an article:

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