A day dedicated to celebrating health, fitness, expression and solidarity via flow arts. A day where flow artists and prop manipulators come together, reach out to one another, and share our passion for flow arts with the communities we live in. Because we believe flow arts improve one’s sense of well-being, promote a healthier lifestyle, and create openness to others.


June 18th, Deer Park
8.00 AM – 9.30 AM
Community event

Come join us at Deer Park folks! We’re bringing together an incredible collection of flow artists and athletes to jam with you for IFAD Delhi – this is a community event, it’s open to everybody, and free. Just come out ready to explore, play and share!

Sign up here! https://delhirock.com/signup

ACROYOGA – a spunky mix of yoga, acrobatics and the healing arts. Learn to fly people! Led by Kanika of TheYogaClass. Bring a yoga mat.

HOOPING – the hula hoop is an energetic and fluid apparatus. Balance, music and flow! Led by Rajni of InjaR88 – Indian Hoola Hoop Artist, Eshna and Neeti of Neeti’s Dance Studio.

PARKOUR – yep, people flying over walls, landing on impossible ledges, and playing with buildings. Come join Abhi of MonkeyBusiness, a brilliant teacher and athlete.

POI – deceptively simple, the art of poi, swinging tethered weights, is rhythmic, geometric and spatial. Performed with fire by experts! Led by Somil and Pooja of Delhi Flow Arts Community.

SLACKLINING – you’ve probably seen pictures of the SLACKTIVISM guys doing amazing tricks on lines. This is hard stuff, and takes massive balance and core strength. Led by Vipin.

The location to turn up is this! https://goo.gl/nYkrV8. Nearest entry is from Africa ave, next to R.K Khanna tennis stadium. There’s huge, free parking space as well.

Please share and spread the word, and sign up here!