Hey guys!
Wanted to post about this Sunday, a few of the members of AcroYoga Delhi have decided to go ahead with a guided jam for beginners.
This is the best way for novices who have been wanting to start this beautiful practice under some guidance to get an opportunity to do so.
Lodi Gardens, Sunday 10.30 – 12.30 is the guided jam timing. The guided jam is for people completely new to acro.
For more about acroyoga, please see delhirock.com/acroyoga
Thank you!
Jam location:
This is the exact location, so use GPS to find us, we won’t be able to guide you inside the park. We jam next to the Muhammad Shah Sayids tomb – enter from Gate #1, hang a left, cross the bridge and take a right.
Please bring a yoga mat, two litres of water with electrolytes, and a small towel!
Jams are free, so no charges apply. You can read a bit more about how jams work at delhirock.com/acroyoga-jams
Photo credit Fouzia Bashir Bhat, with Vaibhav Adhlakha, Saksham Kapoor, Bhatt Ankit, Shradha Jain and Konark Adhlakha. Perfect group pose!