Groups at Delhi Rock

Delhi Rock is a beautiful and stimulating environment, and we’ve often had wonderful groups in our space. Our endeavour is to provide Delhites with a great venue for activity and stimulation, and excellent coordination and management on site.


  • Climbing. Participants climb several routes on our white wall, in the elevator shaft and outside it. Climbing alone can easily occupy participants for 75-90 minutes. This is an instructor led activity, 1 instructor per 6-8 participants.
  • Slacklinining. Our slackline is rigged with a guide rail above it, so participants can walk across it and back. It’s a dynamic activity, and great for balance and core strength. This is something participants can do on their own, usually with another participant looking on to ensure safety.

Please note that these are our regular group activities. We can accommodate other activities for team building, we work with reputed experiential learning experts for these. Additionally, you can also select activities from our regularly programmed classes and instructors at


We charge Rs 600 per person inclusive of tax. Please note that this is per person entry at the facility. We recommend groups of 15 or less in order to have an optimal experience. These amounts are inclusive of equipment, instruction and taxes.


Available slots are weekdays 4-6 PM and weekends 12-2 PM. We arrange instructors and activities according to group size, so please indicate the number of people, and your date preference for the slots above at to check availability.

After checking your date preference, we’ll set up a meeting with you for you to come see our space, explain our format to you, and to take a non-refundable Rs 3,600 deposit to reserve the slot for you. You can pay this if you visit in cash, or online.


Total event time is 2 hours. We provide 1 instructor per group of 6-8. Instructional time is the first 1.5 hrs, with 30 minutes for wrapping up. We request attendees to be prompt about time, we cannot hold instructors past the 1.5 hr committed instructional slot.


Attire is athletic clothing and shoes, hair tied away neatly, nails trimmed close on hands and feet, and jewellery and watches removed. We provide climbing harnesses, and have a limited stock of climbing shoes we are happy to share for the event.

Please do not provide a Delhi Rock phone number for directions; we’re usually busy instructing during an event and cannot attend to calls for directions. The following directions are sufficient for reaching the venue:

TELLL 011-46588444 | MO 9818440969 (see hours of operation)
ADDPremises Nanaksar Gurudwara, opp res M-39, GK2 (see detailed directions)

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