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A triathlon is a race that involves the three disciplines of swimming, biking and running. There are four basic levels of the triathlon: sprint, Olympic distance, Half-Ironman, and Ironman. These races are held in India. Most Ironman level athletes from India compete in international races in Asia, Europe, Africa, or the United States.


Vasu Primlani is a long-time athlete, triathlete and rock climber. She has participated in three triathlons, and is training for her first Ironman. In this program, Vasu will be your coach and guide through the following:

  • Selecting your triathlon
  • Charting a training program
  • Tips on nutrition and hydration
  • Core and weight training assistance
  • Info on training venues and routes
  • Swim, cycling and running instruction
  • Joining Vasu in training at various places in Delhi
  • Building your gear kit for biking, swimming and running

At the end of this course you can expect to have completed your first triathlon.

[THE COURSE IS CURRENTLY NOT BEING HELD! To join the course, Vasu has asked that you first fill out this questionnaire:]


This course provides instruction and guidance for equipment. It does not provide the equipment for rent or purchase. A triathlete must have the following basic equipment: bicycle with water bottles, cages, helmet, running shoes and attire, swim suit, cap and goggles.


Triathlons are a serious commitment. The schedule below describes a sample morning training routine, which you will conduct with Vasu and the other members of the program:

BikeRest60 mins60 mins30 mins240 mins
SwimRest30 mins60 mins60 mins
RunRest30 mins30 mins60 mins

In addition to the training schedule above, Vasu will help you coordinate the following activities for general fitness and cross training:

  • Yoga
  • Rock climbing
  • Core conditioning

These will be a combination of the evening classes already offered at Delhi Rock, and dedicated morning slots for the Tri group.


Dropin fee
Rs 700

10 classes pass
Rs 5,000

25 classes pass
Rs 10,000

TEL9818440969 (see hours of operation)
ADDNanaksar Gurudwara, opp. M-39 res., GK2 (see detailed directions)
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