Hi everyone. The Maharashtra govt has announced limited re-opening of gyms, so we think it’s likely that if things continue to go well in Delhi, we’ll also get permission to open (with some restrictions) later this month.

The DR staff and their family members have either already gotten their shots, or will be getting them this week. And we’ve asked our teachers as well, also mostly done, hopefully 100% soon.

With the terrible situation we’ve all just come through, for at least the first month from opening we’d like to require that only vaccinated students attend classes, so that the environment is as safe as possible. And once the situation overall is stable, and we don’t have to worry, we’ll drop the vaccination requirement and follow whatever practice the Delhi govt advises.

Just wanted to drop you guys a note. We’ll most likely open later this month or on July 1; we’ll keep everyone’s passes on hold until August 1, meaning that those who are vaccinated can choose to resume in July, and then we’ll re-evaluate for August. If you’re planning to come back in July, please get your vaccination done!

Thank you, and see you back at the centre soon. Please stay safe.