Hi everyone,

We’re observing the following precautions for safety:

[Updated post second lockdown, item #1 below]

1)  For the next few months, we will only host vaccinated adults (at least one dose) to maintain an added layer of defence — see our Covid declaration for what’s expected. Children are welcome, but their accompanying adults must be vaccinated.

2)  All employees and customers will be thermal scanned before using the centre, and hand sanitiser will be applied to all users of the centre at entry.

3)  Everybody has to wear a mask at all times while they are at the centre. There will be no exceptions! We have spare masks in case you have forgotten yours. During exercise, visors are also permitted.

4)  Specific areas will be used for classes, and others will be roped off. This will allow each area to be cleaned after each class and only used between cleaning cycles.

5)  We are no longer offering shared glasses or yoga mats for users, and offering customers reasonably priced options for purchasing their own equipment, to reduce shared usage of gear.

6)  All infrastructure will be sprayed with sodium hypochlorite decontaminant daily, to ensure that we open with clean and safe surfaces for users to interact with.

We ask only that you observe the following basic rules for use of the centre, to complete the precautions we will be following collectively:

–  Ensure that you permit (even ask for) thermal scanning every time you enter Delhi Rock

–  Sanitise your hands upon entry, and wash your hands upstairs in the bathroom after each session

–  Please wear a mask at all times

–  Help your teachers sanitise equipment after every class, to ensure there is double coverage of this step

–  Please bring your own water bottle (and yoga mat if needed), and a small bottle of hand sanitiser

–  Exercise self-awareness, and stay away if you’re feeling unwell and might be transmissive.