Sunday 24th Jan, 1.00 PM
Introductory session, donation-based

Nadia Matiu is a contemporary dancer based in Delhi looking at doing a workshop series at Delhi Rock to teach elements of contemporary dance form and contact improvisation. The class will be fun, intensive and creative. We promise you’ll leave it feeling refreshed, relaxed and energised.

This introductory workshop is donation-based, and open to everybody interested in exploring contemporary dance training techniques. The purpose of the workshop is to release participants’ inner blocks, build up confidence, creativity and stamina. Class elements:

Warmup and stretching
Contact improvisation
Partner work
Travelling through space with jumps and rolls
Release-based technique with asanas and pranayama
Put everything learned together in a short dance sequence
Cooldown and deep relaxation

Nadia’s class is appropriate for everybody interested in movement, you just need to be curious and willing to try something new to benefit from this.

Based on feedback from the workshop, Nadia will consider doing a regular series of workshops at Delhi Rock, so do please try and make this session if you’re interested in contemporary dance methods and training.

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Nadia Matiu is a contemporary dancer and teacher with performing experience in international arts festivals, workshops and schools in Eastern Europe and the UK. Nadia studied dance at the Performing Arts Studio of Scotland (Telford College).