First in our monthly series of climbing seminars – a set of specific and detailed workshops on particular topics in climbing.
Please come join Ganesh Chhetri, four time national champion and Delhi’s best climbing coach, for a two-hour intensive on climbing-specific conditioning.
The purpose of this workshop is to identify the basic climbing movements which climbers should train and condition for in the gym to improve their climbing and reduce risk of injury.

Ganeshsir will identify and teach you a set of exercises geared towards increasing strength in each of the following; these will include basic as well as more advanced techniques, to suit your individual ability:
> Toework – balance and pushing
> Shoulder – efficient, safe, alignment
> Upper body flexibility
> Lower body flexibility
> Power training – legs, finger, forearm and shoulder
> Partner stretches and exercises
Class size is limited to 12 people, cost is Rs 700 per person. Please register online at to snag your spot!