Hi everybody! We’re very excited to show you some work done by two artists (Vaishnavi and Greeny) who have been training at our space, utilising our rigging to rehearse a piece they performed in Calcutta.

This is exciting because it’s completely novel, and they’ve developed unique techniques and a vocabulary of movement, and it seemed to fit our space really well. Plus the basic rig, the thin cotton rope they use, is a very challenging material to work in, so it’s taken a huge amount of work to develop.

So we’re going a little fundraiser for the artists with an actual show! Do please see details below, it’s very nominally charged, and will be quite unique. Do please come by.

7 – 8 PM
Minimum contribution Rs 200


The piece is an abstract exploration of the game of Cat’s Cradle on a human scale (the one most of us have played with our fingers and a thread, forming patterns, and undoing them with other players).

We use principles of physics, psychology and design to play this game on a human scale. A suspended cotton rope is used to mediate body weights on the floor to form shapes and sustain movement. The phenomena of vulnerability, interdependence, codependence and balance are also being explored through this piece of work.

There will be some tea and some cookies right after the show for a discussion.

Minimum Contribution: INR 200

Please do sign up online, at:


The contribution will help and support the development of the piece and the venue that has been supporting us for this iteration.



The performer and a crucial contributing collaborator in this piece. She is a light & stage designer from National School of Drama, and has taught acting at Whistling Woods International. She has recently worked with stalwarts in contemporary dance like Preeti Attreya.


Vaishnavi is a dancer with a background in psychology and Bharatanatyam. Driven by the idea of making art forms accessible in various ways.

She has been pursuing the choreographic exploration of Cat’s Cradle with the support of Gati Dance, and mentors like Mandeep Raikhy, Ranjana Dave, Deepak Kurki Shivaswami. This piece has also been influenced by the works and teachings of Navtej Singh Johar & John Britton.