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Calisthenics and power yoga with Lukas

Lukas is a young athlete looking to develop a group of athletes at Delhi Rock and a calisthenic training program based on power yoga. We’ll be hosting him for private and group sessions at a fantastic introductory price for a few months! So please read on, and contact us to book your session soon.


Nidhi Mohan Kamal / Puma / #DoYou

This is a weekly series people. Every Saturday at 3 pm, sponsored by Puma, and hosted by a super athlete and teacher. Please share and spread the word! Excited to host #puma and #nidhimohankamal for Puma’s #DoYou campaign for fitness for women. Register at, next session is at DR on Saturday the 3rd of September …


Working on splits and bridges

Saturday 19th August 1500 – 1630 hrs Rs 700 We’ll work on 2 basic tricks at this workshop: splits and a bridge and their variations. Nice and simple with lots of warm up. If you want to learn how to improve your flexibility, how to work on your splits and backbending this is a good …