Hey guys!

We’re doing a little trial class with two wonderful dance and aerial practitioners (aerial in a very unique way, will explain if you attend in person!) tomorrow, Tuesday, at 7.30 PM. Here’s a bit about what they will cover:


Two dancers share their warm-ups and processes that allow them to engage with choreographic work. The exercises include many types of exercises – including strength and conditioning, visualisations, stretches, entry into somatic practice, alignment, shoulder and pelvic stabilisers, and exercises for release.

The performers draw on their personal practice as dancers and theatre practitioner, and from the practical guidance of their own mentors in working towards a mobile body, and an active imagination.

It’s a little experimental, to be honest, but would love to have folks come and take the class with us, and see if you like it. If yes, we can run these regularly! So please sign up below and come on in!

7.30 – 8.30 PM
RS 500


Thank you! Hope to see you tomorrow,