March 25-27
Costs split equally

We’ve finally managed to snag dates for our next sailing trip. As with Nainital, this will also be a collective effort, so everybody splits costs equally, and contributes by helping organise the trip.

Akshay, our friend and national level sailor, has arranged boats from the Royal Bombay Yacht Club for us to sail on for three days. The venerable Seabird, built for Bombay harbour, see photos below.

To come along on this trip, you need to have done the sailing primer at DR and made at least one trip to The Yacht Club of Hyderabad to learn from Suheim and his crew, so that you’re familiar with boats and sailing. A few of us have already been down to Hyderabad, and they’ve got a great setup there to learn how to sail.

We plan to:

1) Race around buoys, which is always exciting

2) Do distance sails across the harbour and back

So three full days out on the water. Flights and acco we’ll arrange collectively, and boat costs will not run more than Rs 1,000 per person per day. If you know people we can crash with in Bombay, let us know! This is a collective effort.

Please let us know if you’d like to come by registering below:

If you haven’t done our primer or been to Hyd, we’ll help with that. The primer will cost about Rs 5,000 per person, so that Akshay or another national level sailor can come down to Delhi to deliver it. Hyderabad should run to about Rs 5,000 per person as well, we’ll help you contact Suheim and book your dates with his crew.