Hi everyone!

It’s blistering hot, and we’ve finally found someone to spell Ganeshsir at the gym, so now he’s excited to start adding the outdoors back to our programming. We haven’t done a climbing trip in ages!

Nainital is obviously super nice this time of year, and there are tonnes of great bolted routes now, thanks to climbers like Anil Belwal, and the other climbers in the area. Pretty awesome. There’s even a nice government outdoor wall, int’l spec, which will be a likely warmup during the trip.

We’ll leave late on Thursday June 14th night, and get back early Monday June 18th morning, so it’s effectively one extra day off from work, and is also a holiday weekend.

This trip is suitable to folks new to outdoor climbing, Ganeshsir is coming along especially to make sure beginners have a great time. You will need to bring the following personal gear:

– Harness

– Helmet

– Climbing shoes

– ATC style belay device

– Large locking carabiner

– Small locking carabiner

– Single length runner

– Chalk bag

In addition, we’ll need climbing ropes and quickdraws as well, so if you’re an experienced climber and have equipment you can contribute to the trip, that would be great.

It’s a club style trip, meaning everybody handles their own costs for buses, stay, food, etc. We expect daily costs for stay and food to be about Rs 1,000.

In addition, we’ll be charging you Rs 4,000 for Ganeshsir’s time on this trip, so that’s on top of the individual expenses. He’s a great teacher, as you all know, so if you’ve been climbing indoors, don’t miss this opportunity to get out and climb on some real rock!

Please register at http://imojo.in/delhirock; enter in 4000 manually and indicate payment towards “Nainital trip”. We’ll start organising logistics on a small WhatsApp group as well.