If you’ve come to our shows in years past, do please head back in for the 2018 summer edition! Our students continue to get stronger, and a show is really the perfect way to experience the beauty, drama and rigour of aerial silks. The show is on Saturday May 5th, at 7.00 PM at Delhi Rock, and will run for an hour and a half.

Please tell your family and friends about our show. We love showing our community what our aerialists have been up to throughout the year, celebrate their and our teacher Dasha’s wonderful hard work.

We’ve decided to charge a ticket fee this year, to help cover the costs of running the show. It’s a lot of work for us, and we hope that the relatively modest Rs 300 feels fair to you for what we promise will be a memorable evening.

Tickets are available at http://imojo.in/showcase

See you in a bit!

Photo credit the wonderful Devika Swarup