Hi everybody!

I wanted to jot down some thoughts on how to organise aerial silks and hoop self-practice, so that students can still train with us following our permanent teacher’s departure. This is so that we can invite in strong teachers from all over the country, and sustain our aerial practice until we have someone awesome in Delhi to teach regularly at Delhi Rock.

Hours, pricing & logistics

~ Students are welcome to come train during our open hours. The fees applicable for self-practice are the same as for climbing, and you can also purchase passes or a monthly, just like climbing.

~ We would like students to pair up with at least one more person, so that they have a “buddy” around both to spot and to help immediately in case there’s an accident

~ You need to have taken at least four sessions with an aerial teacher at Delhi Rock to qualify for self-practice. This is to ensure that you have your safety basics, and know how to handle the space safely.

Safety and rigging basics

~ Please don’t change or tamper with our knots! This is crucial for safety. For those who are curious, these are the two we use: the rewoven figure 8, and the butterfly.

~ Do please apply your own judgement with the rig and alert us to any anomalies. Safety is your responsibility, so always be aware and exercise good judgement. Don’t use something if it looks or sounds strange, and tell us.

~ Please use crashpads. We have plenty at the gym, always place one under you, and then put it back where you found it (usually near the arch) after you’re done.

~ We’ve recently replaced the silks with nice new ones, but do keep an eye out for any wear and tear. We inspect regularly, but having another pair of sharp eyes is always welcome.

~ We’re open to rigging hoops as well, we have one largish one (large dia) which is still at the gym, so if you’re comfortable with that one, do let us know, we’ll rig it for you.

Before and after

~ Please stow the silks neatly – in the monkey braid, and out of reach from kids and adults, so that folks don’t wander in and start playing with our equipment unattended.

~ Similarly, stow the ropes neatly as well. Ropes represent your only safety while on the silks, and so good rope management, keeping things unsnarled and neatly arrayed is showing respect for critical safety equipment.

~ Carabiners must always be locked during use. You should check the lock before jumping on a silk, on both ends. If the carabiner is running rough, and you’re not sure that it’s locking properly, please ask one of us to come take a look.

~ Remember that warmups and cooldowns are crucial for the longevity of your practice! Just because you’re coming for self-practice doesn’t mean you skip a thorough warmup, and an equally thorough cooldown. Be gentle on your body.

Alright, that’s it then! Do please exercise this opportunity to keep the practice alive at Delhi Rock, and do participate in some of the exciting programming we have coming up.