Photo credit the wonderful Devika Swarup! Shot a few years back, but as beautiful as ever.

Shweta is one of our old friends and teachers, and is back in Delhi for almost a month, so we’re doing an intensive with her. To suit her quirky and original style of performance, she wanted us to expose both kids and adults to the many forms of expression possible via aerial apparatuses, so that’s precisely what we’re doing! She is a unique artist in her versatility, and comfort with several different apparatuses.

Multiple apparatuses (silks, hoop, rope and trapeze), plus different styles and emotions, forms of expression. Not to mention the general physical intensity and difficulty of aerial practices. So a lot of emphasis on conditioning and posture. If you’re looking for an arduous practice to inspire strength and work, these circus arts are brilliant.

This is a very unique and strong teacher and performer, so we do hope you join us, or enrol your child! Shweta is awesome. If Shweta is satisfied with the progress of students during the intensive, we will open up self-practice to select students so that they can continue their training safely with us.


The program is suitable for both beginners and intermediates. To start from basics, or brush up on old material, or learn advanced moves. We will restrict class size to eight participants each to ensure that quality and personalised instruction can be provided, plus permit long practices so that students get the most out of each session.

All in all, a fun, relaxed, non-competitive few weeks. Where you will certainly learn to do fun tricks in a friendly, social environment. The last day would be a play day, where you can share what you would have learnt in the workshop. You can bring a costume or not, or simply a hat. It’s open to anything and everything. Show your skills off to friends / family / partner, you can invite them or not.


Thursday March 28th – Sunday April 21st. This is over almost four weeks, and starts with a Thursday. There are classes every Tue Thu Sat Sun, and students can elect to take all of the classes or a subset (6 or 12 or 15).


Adults during the week
TUE THU 6.00 – 7.30 PM

Adults on weekends
SAT SUN 12.00 – 1.30 PM

Kids during the week
TUE THU 4.30 – 5.45 PM

Kids on weekends
SAT SUN 3.00 – 4.30 PM


Shweta began her performance career with dance and drama, having started with Indian classical dance at the age of 4. She has trained at Circomedia, UK, and taken workshops with artists of Finzi Pasca and her unconventional method of learning contemporary dance from individuals rather than schools or institutions has allowed her to create a unique style. She has worked with Delhi Dance Theater, Above and Beyond, UK (aerial company), Glastonbury, Shambala, Beaufort street festivals, Cabaret Capricho, México. She has been since travelling, performing and leading workshops in aerial, physical theatre and dance. Shweta teaches Circus Arts for us when she’s not travelling, developing and performing her unique style of dramatic and thought-provoking circus artistry. Shweta performs on silks, rope, doubles trapeze, and has also pursued contemporary dance, clowning and acting.


6 class pass: Rs 5,000

12 class pass: Rs 8,000

15 class pass: Rs 10,000

Prices include applicable taxes. We accept cash at the gym, or you can pay us online. While paying online, please enter payment amount manually, and indicate payment towards “Aerial with Shweta for adults / kids”