Sunday July 23rd
8 AM at Lodi Gardens

The acroyoga community in Delhi  is super active, and also a group of very nice people!

One of the experienced members of the group, Kanika from Theyogaclass has kindly agreed to lead folks through a mini-workshop on acroyoga safety and etiquette basics, so if you’ve been wanting to try acro, but weren’t sure how, this is a great opportunity.

It’s free, at Lodi gardens on Sunday morning, so just turn up! Bring a yoga mat and a water bottle, and we promise you’ll have lots of fun and also get to learn something new.

Kanika has also written an excellent write-up on acro jam basics, which you can read at For more information on acroyoga (partner acrobatics) see

To join us, get to Lodi Gardens (look it up on Google maps) in central Delhi. After that, this is the actual spot in the park, Muhammad Shah Sayyid’s Tomb:

Use Google maps walking directions to find the tomb, it’s precisely marked. Sunday at 8 AM!