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Rajni’s Hoop Workshop

May 6th Saturday 11.30 AM – 1 PM
Rs 500 per person, kids 6+
Please join us for a workshop with the very talented Rajni Ramachandran – India’s most prominent hoop artist. You may think that the hula hoop is just for kids, but it’s actually a dynamic, energetic and fluid apparatus which has developed into a circus art.

Rajni has been a performing artist for almost a decade, and her hooping has figured on Indian television, in theater and print. She has performed at Gati, and for many large scale premier corporate events. She is in addition a committed social activist in areas like cleanliness and women’s empowerment.
For more about Rajni, please check out @Injar88 on Instagram and Facebook.
This workshop is kids friendly, so please bring your child along, and participate with them! Hooping isn’t just for kids though, it involves core strength, coordination and endurance, so if you are an adult and want to have a playful, energetic and vibrant morning, do head on down!
Please pay online at Choose 500 as your payment amount, and indicate payment towards “Rajni’s hoop workshop”

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  2. Hi, My daughter has been manufacturing Hula Hoops for all age groups, Size 36-44 inches, Weight – 1 Pound approx. We would like to collaborate with you for promotion/sales. Please advise.

  3. Hi there,

    We don’t have a strong sense of retail for hoops, but if you email us some details, we could forward to some folks we know,


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